Sassy cats – Dang, it happened again


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When my cat Hazel died in December, I resolved to downsize my cat population. I’m getting older and young ones may outlive me. Well, that didn’t last long. A blogger friend, Debra Farrington, is active in a TNR (trap, neuter, … Continue reading

Sassy cats – The porch edition


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This past week we cleaned the porch and put the cushions on the furniture. It suddenly turned into a welcoming room. Comfy and pretty. This is the first summer for our refugee cat Grace. Initially she was terrified of the … Continue reading

Sassy cats – An interview with Gracie, the new catkid


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Hi, Gracie here. Today is my three-week anniversary at this posh hotel. I think I’m getting to stay here because no one comes to trot me out to new peeps like a pair of shoes on sale. I had to … Continue reading

Random 5 for January 22 – Gloria Steinem, political unrest, gifts, technology, Gracie


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History repeats itself – Yesterday I heard Gloria Steinem’s speech and it was awesome. I was around in the 60s when we protested for all sorts of equality. Here we are 50 years later still protesting. Kudos to my friends … Continue reading

Bringing up Morgan | For Animal Lovers


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That is Jake in the header picture medicating himself in a catnip bush. Life has been tough the past month! It’s been awhile since I posted about the cats. Morgan has been here a month. There was turmoil initially but … Continue reading