Awards and happitudes

Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoying my blog. I am always thrilled that someone besides my family enjoys my writing. Over the time that I have been writing, some of you have been so kind as to nominate me for blogging awards. Believe me it is always exciting to get positive feedback.

I have moved the awards to this special page so visiting is elective. I promise not to repeat all the boring personal data revelation which I originally did. Thank you for your time and effort. Thank you for commenting and “liking” my posts. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Most of my favorite bloggers appear in my blogroll which I update from time to time. You will see a crazy variety of topics and styles. My only criteria is that the writing is good and the subject interests me. If you are looking for a read, please visit them.


The post that was Freshly Pressed can be found here.

shineon award

Blog of the Year Award 3 star jpeg




Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

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