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Believe me I am flattered that you like my writing but if you quote me please link back.  Thanks.  For more information, click below.

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9 thoughts on “Copyright Information

  1. I used a post in my Instagram feed, but I credited you. The on about becoming a house cat. Hope you don’t mind. It was funny! And we all need a laugh now.

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  2. Hi, Kate — if it is okay with you, I would like my blog tomorrow to link back to your recent post about your injured hand. I’m posting about how Bat Cat ate my hand and sent me to the ER many years ago.

    This is the draft I have now: “For a week I had minimal use of swollen, painful fingers. (Kate Crimmins of ‘Mews and Views from CoffeeKat’ has a funny post about the joys of hand injuries, if you want the details I am too embarrassed to write:” Then I go on and talk about my doctor.

    Let me know if this is acceptable! Thanks!


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