R5 for March 8 – Housebound, weather, flossing, typing agility, bums

Morgan trying to stay out of the way.

Morgan trying to stay out of the way.

My thumb bandage is changed and much smaller but my agility is still not there. Today is short and sweet.

Remember last Sunday when I said the weather was going to break? – They lied. We never saw the 50 degree temps that were promised mid-week. We broke extreme cold records and had three (yes three) snow storms. The last one was predicted at 2 to 4 inches of snow. We got 7. If my work predictions were so off, I wouldn’t have gotten any bonuses or promotions or raises. Most likely I wouldn’t have had a job.

Housebound – Recovering at home seems like a great idea. No stress, taking it easy, reading, mindless TV. Peaceful. Lots of rest. It’s freaking boring! I may have to walk the mall with a plastic glove to shake out the cobwebs.

Finishing off, here are three things that are impossible to do with a bandaged numb hand:

  • Floss your teeth. I swear there are big shrimp stuck in there. (Of course I haven’t had any shrimp so maybe not!)
  • Type words that make sense. The bandage catches keys on the bottom row and often misses the space bar. Even I don’t know what I mean. (I wasn’t much for leaving comments on blogs this week either. It was too hard.)
  • Wipe your bum! The good side of this one is that the pain meds block you so you don’t have to worry about it until you get feeling in your fingers again.

Sure hope your week was better than mine!

36 thoughts on “R5 for March 8 – Housebound, weather, flossing, typing agility, bums

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  2. Very honest response, Kate. My husband had hand surgery a couple of years ago and I struggled with his impatience and attitude. I kept reminding him that he was being paid to sit home and watch television all day if he wanted, but he, like you, was bored! I think being home recuperating and enjoying it is more of a fantasy than reality. If life were fair at least the weather would give you a break!


    • I’m right there with your husband. I am even tired of eating out. I had made a few things ahead of time. I underestimated how long this would take. Now figuring out what’s for supper takes work. Can’t chop or handle raw meat. My husband has been wonderful about this. This reminds me of how cranky I was when I fractured my kneecap. The immobility got to me that time and it was for a whole month. I wouldn’t do well incarcerated.


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  4. The LIES of the weather forecasters …… I can’t!
    I will admit when I heard about your thumb the first thing that entered my mind was “bathroom”… how, when, why. I was sweating.
    Glad you are coming alone and dare I say 63 tomorrow. A good day to sit in the sun with Hazel and the gang.


  5. What weather! (we’re in 60’s and dodging constant downpours with the dogs)
    I love Morgan. He’s the stray we took in, fixed all up, moved him with us, then he walks off and adopts another family. (Hadn’t heart to force him back, he’s an only cat there.)
    Hope your thumb is free soon!


    • Cats are rarely grateful. I’ve been around so much that Morgan is glued to my side. She has learned how to work my touch screen, often changing the font size or even opening up something new.


  6. Have you tried the kind of dental floss that comes on a plastic stick. You buy a little package of them. I used them when I broke my wrist. They were a God-send.

    I was planning to stay home this week (the second week of my flu), but my daughter was having eye surgery (a touch-up on her LASIX). So I drove the 232 miles to her house to help her out, and though I’m still not totally well, it didn’t seem to do me any harm. Besides, it was fun to get out of the house and drive across the mts. and past the orchards and vineyards of Eastern Washington. If I’d been having your weather, though, she would have had to find a friend to drive her to the doctor. I hope you’ll get lots of sunshine soon.


    • The gods heard my whining. It went up into the 50s yesterday and it was 40 when I got up this morning. Hallelujah! I have the stick floss. Somehow I’m not agile enough or my teeth are twisted to do the back molars. I have been able to floss since the big bandage was changed. That was almost as wonderful as showering. After surgery, it’s those little things like being clean and fed (and someone else cleaning the kitty litter) that mean so much. Sorry you got the flu. I have been healthy all winter. I was especially worried that last week before the surgery because I just wanted to get it over.


  7. If I was you I imagine myself just reading all day. But when you have a bandaged hand I bet you feel like doing all the things you can’t do. Hoping the weather changes and you heal super quick Kate. I won’t be offended if you do not comment on my comment. If all else fails do as the cats do……..absolutely nothing.


  8. Let’s hope that’s the last snow you’ll deal with, until next winter. Just think, each day, your thumb will improve. I agree, hanging out, not being able to do much gets old real fast. We hit 70 today! 🙂


  9. Oh, the bum wiping. That’s the worst. You could conceivably ask another person to floss your teeth, but not wipe the bum. They do have little flosser sticks that only require one hand.

    Of course, you have to shovel out to get to said store. Impossible with one hand.


    • I had the little flosser sticks and they worked in the front. My lack of agility hampered a lot of my activities. Fortunately (for everyone near me) by the time I wasn’t constipated I could manage with my leftie. I have a new level of sympathy for folks who have surgery on their dominant hand. My surgery was really small (I know I have really whined about it). There are people who are in casts for weeks. God bless them but we all know I have no patience!

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  10. My sympathies. But this will all be over soon enough, and then it’ll be an amusing little anecdote in your fabulous autobiography that I’m sure you’re writing. 😉


  11. ACK! ACK! ACK! <~ One for each of your snow storms. 😎

    I haven't been able to move/use my right arm/shoulder the last few days (due to shoulder impingement syndrome). It's a comedy of errors when we have to modify our normal ADL's by switching to our non-dominant hand. 😛

    And, yes, I'm getting bored of reading, icing, reading, snacking, reading, popping pills (anti-inflammatory and pain relievers), reading, icing.

    Hope you get out and about soon. We don't want you going postal due to Cabin Fever.


    • So sorry about your shoulder and you got it right when you called it a comedy of errors. I am always surprised at how fast I get bored when I get a legitimate reason to laze around. Maybe some of us aren’t wired for that. I can’t get wet for another week but my agility is returning and I am switching to a smaller bandage later today. Back to the gym tomorrow. No squeezing my hand but I can do the leg and body exercises.


  12. The bum wiping did cross my mind when you mentioned that it was your dominant hand. I am very sympathetic. The boredom would drive me bananas. Spring is trying to make a comeback here in the center of the country. I’ll try to send some your way.


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