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Random 5 for August 12 – Trips, home, health, tomatoes, seasons


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A quick trip – The beloved husband took a quick trip to Denver to see his kids and attend an ELO concert. He had a great time. Sometimes it’s the short trips that are the most fun (except for the … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Celebrating cat week


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It’s always cat week in this house. Gracie was celebrating with her yoga poses! Totally exhausted she needed a nap!Hazel celebrated with a catnip martini! Followed by a nap on an upstairs windowsill Morgan took the day off!Mollie supervised the … Continue reading

Random 5 for August 5 – Vacation, packing, worry, weather, good times


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Getting ready – We were away for a few days recently. I am astounded that I pack almost as much for a weekend as I do for a week. That’s not including clothing. It’s an age thing that deserves a … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Remembering Jake


—Jake: Listen Cupcake, don’t I get royalties for these articles? This is the time of year I think of my old cat Jake. He started going downhill fast around July 2015 and passed in September. He was a cat and … Continue reading