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My last quarantine and the cotton candy pink prom gown


During the wonderful warm spring of my senior year, rubella (also known as German* measles) swept through my high school. This was before the measles vaccine. It is highly contagious and itchy. Some people get very sick. Really sick. I … Continue reading

Random 5 for March 29 – Corona virus, routines, stupid people, Zoom, pond


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It’s all different – This week a blogger commented said that she was finding it hard to write about anything but the virus. I realized even day-to-day stories are different. Nothing is as it was, at least not here. I … Continue reading

Bits and Pieces, random observations


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While watching all the various leaders give updates on the corona virus situation, I started to focus on the sign language interpreters standing at their side. I never realized it before but it’s not just about the hand movements. Their … Continue reading

Random 5 for March 22 – Taxes, hair, old, coffee, spring


Happy dance! – I finished my taxes (several days before they extended the deadline). As always there were a few glitches in the software that I had to work through but it’s history for another year. #donedonedone #don’tcareifit’sextended We are … Continue reading