Sassy cats – Accommodations


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Living with cats often requires changes. It’s like getting married or having kids. Things change. Here are some things that changed in our house. Toilets — When we adopted Mollie 13 years ago, she was an adult cat who already … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Going for the gold


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My cats can be very synchronized. Or not. To celebrate the Olympics, here are their “gold worthy” photos. No cat competition is complete without a sleeping category! Although not facing the same direction, judges award a 10 for complete relaxation (and recommend … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Update from Mollie


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Hi, Mollie here. This house has been in tizzy this week so I offered to step in. Hazel has the poopies again. Yuk! We share the same potties. One has to be careful of the land mines. The human has been … Continue reading