Random 5 for March 14, 2021 – Vaccine, people, Starbucks, weather, Morgan


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Reason to celebrate – I received my first covid shot this week. It was a relief. With our recent move we have had to go into stores and interact with people. Lots of people. The beloved husband was among the … Continue reading

Sassy cats — The storming of the Bastille


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If you haven’t been following, Morgan broke her leg 3 weeks ago and has to wear a splint. We did away with the cone after a few days. She’s a great cat and doesn’t chew on her bandage so it’s … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Easy week (for cats!)


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Morgan had her bandage changed again this morning and it was uneventful. She’s not chewing or disturbing it so she’s not wearing a cone. She walks somewhat normal despite the splint. She is allowed out of her confinement room for … Continue reading