Sassy cats – Mollie part 3 (and maybe the end?)


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This week Mollie had her ultrasound. I couldn’t let her write about it because she was really annoyed. This is a G rated blog and the words wouldn’t be appropriate. She had her belly shaved and they put her in … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Another round of photos


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Hi, Gracie here. It’s been a quiet week. The peeps were doing stuff. We don’t say much as long as it doesn’t interfere with dinner although the “I’m tired” whining gets old. Mollie didn’t do much but nap. That’s what … Continue reading

Sassy cats — More pictures


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Black and white cats are easier to photograph than gray ones. Everything she does is adorable. The other cats whine when it’s all about Sasha so here’s Mollie! And here are the grays — Gracie (front) and Morgan (on windowsill) … Continue reading