Sassy cats — This week’s pics


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Outside of Washington DC, it’s a slow news week filled with approvals, naps and ummm…friendship. There are no limits to friendship. Instead of trusting a face to face encounter, Molly prefers to verify with a quick (or not so quick) … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Gracie and Mollie


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Last week I talked about Gracie losing interest in her feather. She’s still playful. She found something else. To finish off drying a bedspread, I threw it over a chair in the family room. Before you know it, it looked … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Kitchen edition


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This past week we refinished our kitchen floor. It’s hardwood and every few years we sand it and topcoat it. It’s not a big job but it puts the kitchen (heart of the cat food world) out of commission. The … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Celebrating cat week


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It’s always cat week in this house. Gracie was celebrating with her yoga poses! Totally exhausted she needed a nap!Hazel celebrated with a catnip martini! Followed by a nap on an upstairs windowsill Morgan took the day off!Mollie supervised the … Continue reading