Sassy cats — Remembering Jake


This month marks five years since we lost Jake. We never forget especially a feisty, peculiar cat like Jake. When he passed, Gracie joined us. He would have approved because she’s as quirky as he was. Here is a tribute … Continue reading

Sassy cats – Dribs and drabs


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Dental treats are the kale of the cat world – I’ve never been big with treats for my cats. When I had Hazel I had enough trouble keeping her weight down without added high fat treats. With Sasha the vet … Continue reading

Sassy cats – Another overheard conversation


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Gracie to Morgan: So what do you think of Gus? Morgan: Seems OK. A bit of a scaredy cat, especially with Sasha. Gracie: Sasha can be a pain. It’s always all about her. She steals food and toys.Sometimes I have … Continue reading

Sassy cats – Integrating Gus


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It was three weeks yesterday that Gus moved in (I can’t believe it either!). He quarantined himself in a closet for three days. Then preferred staying in the cat room for another week. By then he had an eye infection … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Welcome Gus!


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If you read last week’s post, you know that Gracie found a “friend” on a feline dating website. He moved in quickly and as things go, he and Gracie are besties. Whenever a new cat comes here to live, they … Continue reading