Sassy cats – And their weird habits


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It’s the peep today with some observations. Gracie is at the casino.  She’ll return next week unless she wins big. Or there’s a tuna buffet! Gracie must have had tooth pain for a while because since her dental surgery she … Continue reading

Sassy cats – The saga of the dental


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Maybe the title should be “The Reluctant Patient” or “The Neurotic Peep.” Both fit. It’s the peep today. Gracie is on sick leave and the others are snoozing. Gracie had her dental surgery on Monday. We were expecting five extractions … Continue reading

A series of unfortunate events colliding


The past week was a potpourri of events (some not so fun and some fun) to make it a tough week. I learned a few things about retirement. I love it! It’s been 11 years since I’ve had to jump … Continue reading