Sassy cats — Gracie, the forgotten cat


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  New cat Sasha is very photogenic. More than that, she is willing and will pose. Mollie and Morgan photograph well too. Poor Gracie, she doesn’t. There is something about her shading that makes her look like a dark hole. … Continue reading

Sassy Cats — Photo shoot!


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Shasha has been here for two months now. (I know! It seems like forever to us too!) She’s getting on well with the other cats. She’s more playful and energetic than they are but they take turns amusing her (along … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Sasha’s food aggression


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I get perfectly normal cats and then I ruin them. They turn into divas. Demanding and particular. Or maybe they are just cats settling in. I have done it again. Sasha wasn’t a fussy eater. I liked that. The other … Continue reading