Sassy cats – Birds and things


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Gracie here. Very weird week. The peep would tell you that “her” cats do not go on the counters. We don’t. Usually. Hardly ever. Only when necessary to save her life. There was a kerfuffle going on early in the … Continue reading

Sassy cats – Another Gracie Episode


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Gracie here. I wasn’t at the casino last week. I was sick. For two weeks I barfed every day, horking up hairballs, hairmats and blood. Sometimes food. Then I stopped eating completely. The portal to hell came out. It was … Continue reading

Sassy cats – Cat food changes and finicky eaters


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You are stuck with the peep today. Gracie is at the casino and Sasha and Gus are canoodling. I have no idea where Morgan is. Probably sleeping on my mahjongg tiles (one of her new favorite spots). The feeding schedule … Continue reading