Sassy cats — Stuff we do to make them happy


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Over the years we have made changes to our lifestyle to accommodate our “clowder” of cats. When Jake developed diabetes he needed two shots a day, close to 12 hours apart. Someone needed to be home to do that. Sounds … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Happy news for Mollie


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In the fall, Mollie seemed to be not feeling well. She was lethargic and slept all the time. (Yes I know she’s a cat but “all the time?”) Anyhow, I put her through blood tests, x-rays and eventually an ultrasound … Continue reading

Sassy cats — What’s happening in the hood this week


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Living with new cat Sasha is like living with a 12 year old boy. She is the only cat that likes to sleep UNDER the covers. The other night she snuggled up next to me under the covers. We both … Continue reading