Random 5 for April 4, 2021 – Time, Easter, painting, contractors, discounts


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Yikes! A quarter of the year is gone! How did that happen? Oh yes, we moved. That is guaranteed to make time disappear. I’ve finally taken some pictures of the new family room. There is more work to be done … Continue reading

Random 5 for March 28 – Flower tent, Easter, people, decisions, life


It’s back! – The flower tent is back up. That’s a sure sign of spring. The Easter flowers should be appearing early this week, followed by spring flowers, Mother’s Day flowers and bedding plants. Woo hoo! Last year they erected … Continue reading

Random 5 for March 14, 2021 – Vaccine, people, Starbucks, weather, Morgan


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Reason to celebrate – I received my first covid shot this week. It was a relief. With our recent move we have had to go into stores and interact with people. Lots of people. The beloved husband was among the … Continue reading

Random 5 for March 7, 2021 – Spring, memories, homes, Gracie, taxes


Spring’s a coming – Although you couldn’t tell it by the 25 degree temperature we had this morning. Later in the week we are predicted to be well in the 60s. You will recognize me on the news. I will … Continue reading