A couple of philosophical odds and ends


Once in a while I take an irrational disliking to someone. Sometimes I don’t know why. There is something about them (and I can’t always put my finger on it) — appearance, behavior or vocabulary that reminds me of someone … Continue reading

Random 5 for October 14 – Radio, music, holidays, ads, friends


Dead spots or not – I listen to a local station during my very short commute to the gym. The past week or so the static has been so bad I can’t always hear. Convinced it was the stupid entertainment … Continue reading

Soft losses


Someone from my new gym moved away. We were only gym acquaintances, nothing more. Yet I felt a sense of loss as I went to the gym and he wasn’t there. In a place where most folks don’t acknowledge you, … Continue reading

Random 5 for October 7 – People, hard times, ads, energy, seasons


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Sometimes you don’t know someone – Locally we had a car bombing. It’s unusual for our area. Three people died. One of them created and set off the bomb killing his 2-year-old son and an older acquaintance. Immediately after the … Continue reading

Random 5 for September 30 – Wrap-up, carpet update, deer, sunshine, bloggers


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I was blown away – Your comments on my “me too” post were astounding. Your stories hit my heart. You were articulate and clear. I was humbled. Thank you. Carpet update – All has been installed and we are happy. … Continue reading