Sassy cats — Gracie, the forgotten cat


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  New cat Sasha is very photogenic. More than that, she is willing and will pose. Mollie and Morgan photograph well too. Poor Gracie, she doesn’t. There is something about her shading that makes her look like a dark hole. … Continue reading

Some thoughts on aging


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My mother often yelled at the TV, especially regarding older actors/actresses. “Boy they look old!” Or “What happened to them? They used to be handsome/gorgeous!” It was baffling to me because they were her age. Contemporaries. They didn’t look any older than she … Continue reading

Aging isn’t for sissies or hypochondriacs


No it isn’t! Weird stuff happens to your body. Stuff you can’t explain. For years you are a healthy person then all of a sudden you feel something when you swallow. Or there’s a suspicious looking thing on your leg. … Continue reading

Ruminations on a vile election


This election has been painful. It’s taken a while to process. This is not a political blog and I’ve avoided the topic but this is part of my therapy. Normal writing will resume shortly. It’s not about Republicans or Democrats. … Continue reading

“What’s not to like?” Looking back on retirement


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For the past two years that has been my stock answer to the question, “How’s retirement?” Realistically it took me six months to realize that I didn’t have to go back to work the following week. I always had one … Continue reading