Sassy cats — It’s all new!

It’s Kate here. I had to wrestle the blog from ace reporter Gracie but she wants you to know she will be back soon!

Morgan is in her last few days of leg bandage and she’s had it. For the first time she has started to chew the bandage. I’m not going to cone her since it comes off on Tuesday. She’s very active now. I’m taking that as a positive that her leg is good. She is also eating like a famine is coming. Maybe locusts too. All biblical.

After ten days of cajoling the cats to eat, they seem to understand that they are staying here so they better settle in. Today Sasha came out to sing for her breakfast. As annoying as it is, I was so glad to see it. They are still deciding on where they want to eat. It’s not as simple as plopping down food. If it’s not a good spot they will walk away and Gus, who is not fussy as he lived his life as a rescue cat with 20 others, will eat it. He eats anywhere, anything and anytime. Gotta love that except that he will eat Gracie’s food.

Morgan: Maybe this spot will work for breakfast!

Gracie has a routine before eating. She smells it. Walks around it. Tries to cover it. Takes a bite and goes to the litter box. When she comes back it may or may not be there depending if I have the time to guard it. It’s not only Gus either. Sasha doesn’t mind a good nosh on someone else’s plate.

All the cats and peeps here wish you a great weekend.

46 thoughts on “Sassy cats — It’s all new!

  1. Glad the cats have reconciled themselves to the fact it is their new digs. Having never had a cat, I didn’t know about finickiness about food that you wrote about. Gus is easygoing -he is happy to be part of a loving family. Just a pawful of days until that awful bandage comes off – yay!

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  2. Kate. I am so happy you are getting to the end. Super happy for Morgan. It does seem that once all the furniture and familiar things are out and around again the cats just settle in. Familiar smells must help a lot for them. You will know you are home and settled when your Starbucks run becomes a thing every morning.

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  3. I don’t know about cats, but once Max saw the same furniture in the new house, he knew we were home. Didn’t take him long, But I know cats need time to adjust.
    BTW, my dad and his wife have two cats. They used to have 2 homes, one in Illinois, one in Wisconsin. They used to bring the cats back and forth with them. They were fine in either place, but not-so-much the drive. They live in Wisconsin full time now. The cats love it there cause they live on a farm with LOTS of wildlife to hunt from through the window.

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  4. I never stopped to think that the cats would have to find a designated spot for their food bowls. Our cats grew up like we did — food was put out, and if you didn’t eat it you’d be really hungry for the next meal. I’ll admit that we didn’t steal each other’s food.

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  5. Teddy and Jack eat anything in their bowls. Jack likes to eat some and walk away then come back later to finish. Teddy chows down without stop until the bowl is licked clean then he finishes Jack’s if I don’t shoo him away.
    Sounds like the cats are feeling at home and finding their favorite spots. Have you found your favorite spot yet?

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  6. If Tigger didn’t like the smell of his food, he would try to bury it. Our interpretation was that he was saying, “this smells like sh*t!” πŸ˜€

    Sounds like things are settling down. And that’s good news about Morgan. She’s ready to rock and roll!

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  7. One routine at a time re-established at the new house – that’s PROGRESS!!!! I’m thinking you’re right about Morgan feeling better if she’s eating better and trying to take that “sock” off….YAY. Have a great weekend.

    Hugs, Pam

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