Sassy cats — Love is in the air


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Sasha has always been “that cat” that wants to sleep in a pile of cats. Before Gus she would snuggle up to the other cats and get rebuffed. Maybe it’s her feral start. It’s warmer to snuggle outdoors. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

Random 5 for November 1 – Election, anxiety, music, cats, Fitbit


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Today is just sort of random but that’s what worked! Just a few more days – For those in the US, Tuesday is Election Day. It’s been insane here. I live in a “battleground” state (that means we have a … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Odd squirks


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It’s been a long time since I had a boy cat. Jake was very different from the girls — not better or worse, just different. Mostly Gus isn’t different except for one thing. All my cats love to knead soft … Continue reading