Sassy cats — This and that!


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Gracie here. Not much doing here except it was “ear week.” Three of us (Morgan is the perfect cat and never has issues) had a build up of ear gunk again. The peep cleaned Sasha’s ear first. Sasha doesn’t fight … Continue reading

Sassy cats – Vet trip coming up


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It’s the peep. Gracie is in hiding. The “portal to hell” is out and she suspects it’s for her. It’s the smallest carrier. At this point, she’s the only cat who fits in there. She has always had ear issues. … Continue reading

Random 3 for July 17, 2022 – Tomatoes, old time phones, kitties


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Another short version for today. I could say a “slow news” week but it’s more a case of a “lazy blogger.” Grandkitties – We have new grandkitties. Some people have grandkids and we have mostly grandpets! Welcome to the newest! … Continue reading