Sassy cats — Love is in the air


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Sasha has always been “that cat” that wants to sleep in a pile of cats. Before Gus she would snuggle up to the other cats and get rebuffed. Maybe it’s her feral start. It’s warmer to snuggle outdoors. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Conflict resolution cat style


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Cats are very basic in how they resolve conflict. They don’t need weapons. They are also quick and everything is done and over with. Here is one of the disagreements between Sasha and Gus. I’m not sure who won or … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Thick as thieves


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Sasha did not want another cat. She liked her position as the diva with various minions to serve her. She was not happy when Gus showed up. She hissed and got growly but never aggressive. She’s not that kind of … Continue reading