Dental apocalypse part 2 – locusts, bad breath and other biblical plagues


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Who thought a dental appointment would produce two posts. For the money spent, it’s good to get something besides pearly whites. To bring you up to speed, I had extensive dental work done last week (you can read about it … Continue reading

Aging isn’t for sissies or hypochondriacs


No it isn’t! Weird stuff happens to your body. Stuff you can’t explain. For years you are a healthy person then all of a sudden you feel something when you swallow. Or there’s a suspicious looking thing on your leg. … Continue reading

A collection of odds and ends


I have nothing thought provoking today. We are hunkering down for a good rain so soup and crusty bread are on the menu! Here are some short thoughts to go with it. Earlier this week as I was driving though … Continue reading