Random 5 for June 24 – Happy anniversary, dental, chipmunks, mice, busy


Happy anniversary to the beloved husband! – Yes I remember it. It’s been eleven great years and more before that! Next chapter of the teeth – I was able to get the rest of my veneers installed. If you followed … Continue reading

Dental apocalypse part 2 – locusts, bad breath and other biblical plagues


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Who thought a dental appointment would produce two posts. For the money spent, it’s good to get something besides pearly whites. To bring you up to speed, I had extensive dental work done last week (you can read about it … Continue reading

R5 for August 9 – Behaviors, fall, energy, weekend crisis, cats


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Being a ditz – You know when you see someone doing something rude or stupid and think what a ditz they are? That was me. I was in an informal line waiting to check out at a store with three … Continue reading