R5 for August 9 – Behaviors, fall, energy, weekend crisis, cats

Say what?

Say what?

Being a ditz – You know when you see someone doing something rude or stupid and think what a ditz they are? That was me. I was in an informal line waiting to check out at a store with three cashiers working. There was a little old lady in front of me. (“Old” is always 20 years older than me no matter what age I am.) I chatted with her about how informal the line was. Usually there is a rope with a sign but not today. With that, the cashier way around the back called for the next person (which I clearly wasn’t) and I walked over. I could have sworn that the cashier directly in front of us finished up the person she was waiting on but not so. I cut in front of the little old lady (how bad is that?). Seeing the look on the woman, I quickly apologized and exchanged places with her. I will not be so quick to judge next time I see someone doing something….umm….weird. Maybe their brain is on a vacation.

A nip in the air – It’s only August but for the past couple of days, the nights have been cooling off. It’s a harbinger of fall. Sleeping is great. Even the cats have sparked up a bit from their summertime lethargy.

Speaking of energy – For me energy comes and goes. I get spurts of hyperactivity followed by long naps and leisurely navel gazing. I had a spurt this week and once I was aware, I harnessed it to accomplish some tasks that I don’t like to do. Things like making phone calls. Some services (like my cell phone service) allow me to change plans on-line. Other services (like my satellite radio) require me to go through acrobatics on the phone to get a reasonably priced renewal. Since I don’t spend a lot of time in my car these days, I was more than ready to cancel unless they were ready to deal.

dentalIt only happens on weekends – Next week is busy. We are visiting friends followed by my family reunion here next weekend. True to form, one of the veneers in my mouth popped Friday night. It’s a front tooth so I have this hillbilly look about me. (Not that there is anything wrong with a hillbilly look!) This is the fourth time this happened, all on weekends, all different teeth. (Both of my yellow jacket attacks happened on weekends too.) I will start my week with a 7:15 a.m. appointment at the dentist. (Don’t ask me to smile until then.)

Jake is back to normal or as normal as he gets – My old cat Jake has been “off” for the past three weeks. Being off means he’s had litter issues (he prefers to pee on a towel than in a box) and loud howling during the night (for reasons I can’t figure out). His insulin bottle was just about empty so I started a new one and the behaviors stopped. The old insulin was still working as his blood sugar was perfect so I don’t understand the connection. I’m grateful that there is peace in the house.

Listen Cupcake, get outta here! Can't you see I'm nappin'? Later gator.

Listen Cupcake, get outta here! Can’t you see I’m nappin’? Later gator.

So how was your week?



40 thoughts on “R5 for August 9 – Behaviors, fall, energy, weekend crisis, cats

  1. “Old is 20 years older than me” Always. Perfect!
    glad Jake is soothed…sometimes when they get really old they can get a bit daffy.
    Those people at the other end of the phone – they better deal after all those stupid phone trees! (Sat. radio usually does…renewal due here, too – husband kept after one of their guys this weekend who finally gave us a deal)

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  2. Human bodies and cat bodies are so mysterious. Who knows why one thing helps and another doesn’t?

    I’m still feeling guilty about something that happened 25 years ago. The line to get across the border into Canada was long and slow, and cars kept passing on the right while the rest of us stayed stuck. I was starting to boil. Finally I edged over to the right so they couldn’t get past me, only to find out after a few minutes that they weren’t cheating; they were turning into the town. I still feel bad about how mean I was that day. And yet, not one Canadian honked or made a fuss. Canadians are so nice.


    • I used to get outraged by those right laners back when I did a lot of traveling. Sometimes I would straddle the lanes just to “make sure it’s all fair!” Fortunately I never came across an exit or I would have felt badly. As for cats, they are impossible!


  3. You are so not a ditz and I love it when Jake calls you “Cupcake!” Hope your tooth is an easy fix. And good luck with the family reunion.


    • I can be a ditz especially when I’m in a daze. Since I don’t have patience I have learned to disconnect with wherever I am and do something else. Sadly I’m not so good at multi-tasking as I think I am. Sometimes I miss something along the way.


  4. Don’t feel like you’re being a ditz. We’ve all had those brains farts from time to time. So glad to hear Jake is feeling better. I also had a diabetic cat and we treated him successfully for five years before he died at age fifteen. Kudos to you for being such a great pet parent!


  5. Poor Jake. I hope he’s feeling tip top again soon. Your experience in line made me smile. I started thinking of Kathy Bates in “Friend Green Tomatoes” as she patiently waited for a parking space only to be cut off by two younger women. Her response was beautiful.

    Best wishes on the dentist. I hate when I have dental emergencies on off hours. 😉


  6. I unknowingly cut the line for a treadmill at the gym last winter. I didn’t even figure it out until I was leaving and saw the sign up sheet. The looks I got when I hopped on the treadmill made sense then. Like you, I try to give someone the benefit of the doubt when they cut a line now. I was in NYC this weekend and it was beautiful! Warm but very low humidity so we were able to walk a lot both nights. Glad Jake’s feeling better and you’ll have your tooth fixed tomorrow.


  7. Cooler weather here, too. No satellite service in my car because my car is too old to even have that feature… meaning that’s one problem I don’t have to deal with. Glad Jake is feeling better, but sorry about your tooth problems. Good luck with your family reunion. It’s good of you to host it.


  8. It finally rained so it is definitely cooler and ‘fresher’ ; our garden has ‘perked up’ ; my mood is lighter …Earlier this week I tried to get a frail looking gentleman to go ahead of me in the line at the store and he refused, only for another elderly gentleman to leap at the opportunity. Yes you were very lucky with your dentist – getting in so soon. Good luck tomorrow!


  9. I didn’t extend my satellite radio contract after the free one that came with my new car ended. I, like you, don’t spend enough time in my car anymore to justify the cost. Don’t worry if they don’t offer you a good deal when you call them. If my experience is any guide, once you cancel, you will receive regular calls, emails, and mailed solicitations with better and better offers. I keep telling them that “free” is the price I’m looking for.


  10. The nights are cooler here as well. It’s a welcome change after temperatures failed to drop below 80 degree overnight for weeks. I know there’s more heat to come, but the thought of crisp fall air, in the future, makes me smile. Have a great week, Kate. Good luck at your dental appointment. It’s nice to get it over with, first thing in the morning.


    • I was lucky with the dentist. I called Friday night (after they were closed). Turns out they were closed Thurs-Fri and their mailbox was full so I called the emergency number thinking it was an answering service. It was the dentist. He set me up before his first appointment. Which is great since I wasn’t available after lunch. Not liking this bad tooth look.


  11. You Madam are anything but a ditz…just because you jumped the gate while daydreaming doesn’t place you in Ditzville. That said.
    Yes, the weather here too has been hypnotic. No humidity, a wind in one’s hair. I wish we could bottle it to save on those cold winter days I hate to admit, are right around the corner. I’m getting Xmas card samples from Wildlife and American Humane telling me time is of the essence.
    Glad Jake rallied. Poor guy. Like watching your grandfather having a bad spell, just with a tail a little less waggy.
    Best line…acrobatics on the phone…saw you in up-dog the receiver glued to your head. 🙂


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