Random 5 for June 24 – Happy anniversary, dental, chipmunks, mice, busy

Happy anniversary to the beloved husband! – Yes I remember it. It’s been eleven great years and more before that!

Next chapter of the teeth – I was able to get the rest of my veneers installed. If you followed my dental woes (ten weeks’ worth of woes), you know I am elated. I don’t know for sure yet if it will resolve my lip biting issues but it’s another step on the way.

Rodent updates – Yes that is plural. First the chipmunks that were undermining the patio. We opened the tunnel and left it like that for a few days. At first a chipmunk (we are never sure if it’s the same one) come and checked it out often, trying to reopen it. It collapsed every time so he gave up on it. I’m sure he is tunneling someplace else but it’s not under the patio.

Next rodent update – We had another two mice in the house this week. I knew it. Morgan got “antsy.” She has a certain behavior when she’s on “mouse patrol.” This time she took Gracie under her wing. I woke up to find that they had cornered one. I rescued and rehomed and the beloved husband found one in the humane trap and rehomed that one. He is now talking about caulking and calling our electronic rodent device customer service. We’ll see what happens. We’ve been here 15 years and it’s only in the last eight months that we have mice in our basement. We must be on Travelocity or Airbnb. I’d like to see that ad. “Lovely basement but beware of cats. Humans are super friendly. Willing to find you alternate accommodations if necessary.”

Another take on rodent activity – I know this is a stretch but I feel like this past week I’ve been on a hamster wheel that’s out of control. Everything came together. Several dental appointments. Scheduled fun stuff. Sick cat. *bangs head on table* Looking forward to just sitting a bit. I am vowing to schedule less for next week. Except maybe an extra Starbucks Frappuccino!

So how was your week?

78 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 24 – Happy anniversary, dental, chipmunks, mice, busy

  1. So, your critter issues haven’t resolved themselves yet 😕 After you mentioned the glut of chipmunks, I started to notice how many of them I was seeing on the trail. It was staggering! Something has changed to allow their populations to explode!

    Glad to hear your dental woes are behind you now … I hope for a very long time!

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  2. I’m not a fan of chipmunks. Sure, they’re cute and photograph like a dream, but the destruction that they can do is awful. I’m following with great interest to see if your tunnel approach deters the little troublemakers.

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    • So far they haven’t re-excavated that area. I know they have tunnels in the fieldstone around the pond but there is little I can do about that. When my cat Jake was alive, he kept the population down. It wasn’t unusual for him to get 5 a week. Now it feels like a gazillion! They are all cute but living with critters has it’s downside. The deer came in and ate ALL my roses, all the flowers along our driveway and now have come up to the front porch and eaten the flowers out of my planters. I love deer. They are beautiful but boundaries please!

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      • Yes, we have deer troubles, too. They insist on ruining all my carefully considered floral color schemes. The chipmunks, however, are intent on ruining our front stoop foundation. I dislike them more than deer.

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        • We haven’t had foundation issues with chippies yet although I know they go into our landing and step from our sliding glass doors. The deer have eaten all the color out of my front yard! Fortunately our back area is fenced in.

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  3. Happy Anniversary! And Dental work is always better when it’s over – yay you!!
    Xnay to the Rodents ~ we have chipmunks, red squirrels, regular squirrels and 2 fat Woodchucks in our yard ~ it’s never dull and your cats would be entertained for hours.



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  4. Kate, congrats on your anniversary! hope hubs takes you and your new veneers out for a treat! I’m still laughing about your airbnb ad, yep, that’s how it goes! word gets out about how animal friendly you are! onward to starbucks, with a double shot of caramel for me!

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  5. Ha. Love the Travelocity ad. I know what you mean about busy. Been having some extra busy time here myself. Haven’t even had time for posting blogs. My sister-in-law thrives on being busy. I don’t get it. I’m not one who likes being busy.

    A belated Happy Anniversary to you and the hubs. Blessings to you.

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  6. Let’s hope the rodent stories can be minimal! We can hope! And glad, too, that the veneers are in place and perhaps you can move forward with a little less expended energy–and expense. Happy Anniversary to the two of you! 🙂

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  7. Happy anniversary! Every once in a while, we see evidence of a mouse in the house (no cats, so it’s up to us to find it). We can’t figure how it might get in and all of our food is now in smell-proof containers so it remains a mystery. Good luck for a much calmer week next week. If I have more that two appointments on my calendar in one week, I’m not happy.

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  8. Happy anniversary to you and beloved husband, Kate! Good luck on getting rid of your uninvited guests! My week has not been too bad. We got almost 11 inches of rain just after the city announced stage 1 water restrictions due to drought conditions. They will stay in place as we have a hot summer ahead of us. May your days be paced a little slower next week!

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  9. Happy Anniversary!
    You need Peter from Critter Control… he did great getting rid of the mice, snakes, bats, skunks, groundhog, and the possum who only stayed a day under the porch. Good thing Morgan was on it!
    No hope for a quieter week for us, last week was crazy. Hoping the week after this upcoming week is the beginning of some boring summer days! You know, those lazy-hazy-without the crazy days of summer!

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    • I know what you mean. I’d like to walk around a mall or a park or somewhere without checking my watch because I have to be somewhere. I have more things than I wanted this coming week but I’m putting my foot down on multiple plans in a day.


    • We have not been about to find the magic secret entrance. We have plug in thingies that make high pitched noises to keep them out. We’ve talked to customer service and they’ve given us some adjustment tips. So hopefully…

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  10. Ugh, that was my week. Drive husband to bus (he still can’t walk far), go, walk dog, take car for repairs, get loaner, drive on this errand, go to that doctor appointment, hit the store/ vet/ dry cleaner/ pet store/ gym, go to meeting, make cookies for event, drop off cookies for birthday gift, pick up husband, etc.

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    • Will be very interested to hear how you make out. Are you having an implant? Best of luck. Although my biting issues while eating stopped, I occasionally get my lip caught when I talk. Maybe I’ll do less talking! 🙂 My new veneers (on lower front teeth) are much bigger than the temporaries and that made all the difference.

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      • Thanks, Kate. Yes, I’ll have an implant if the bone is ready for it. He’ll do an x-ray first. If it’s good, then I’ll have to wait until the half way point of my Remicade infusion before he can start the procedure since the medication puts me at higher risk of infection. With the hole in the my mouth, I’ve been biting the side…many times hard! I’m happy you’ve seen improvement. 🙂

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  11. Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful week-end celebration! 🙂
    LOL about your”travel ad”. It does sound very appealing, no wonder they are showing up!
    Yay on the dental work!!! Yes ,you need to celebrate with a Starbucks Frappucino!

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  12. Happy Anniversary Kate.
    Rodents, we have a rat hole in the garden and Hubby put down one of his traps. No takers after a week, so maybe they got bored and went elsewhere.
    Yay for the teeth, make way for the beaming smile.
    As for our week, painting, painting and more painting. But we’re getting there, and tomorrow instead of painting, we are just touching up……. skirting boards, doorframes, and oh yeah, repainting the coving. 😦

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