A collection of odds and ends

I have nothing thought provoking today. We are hunkering down for a good rain so soup and crusty bread are on the menu! Here are some short thoughts to go with it.

Earlier this week as I was driving though our residential development I smelled bacon. There is no restaurant nearby. I had no idea where it came from but it was INSIDE the car and not outside. This fed into my hypochondria. I made a note to check google to see if there is a terminal illness that has bacon-smelling as a symptom. This morning I smelled frying onions. Definitely terminal but I’ll go out smiling.

One of the woman at my gym was telling us that she had to visit our local courthouse. As is very common now, she had to go through metal detectors. Her underwire bra set them off. She is a very bodacious woman but really!

I’ve said before that I am not a patient person. However…once in a while I don’t pull the trigger right away in hopes that something will correct itself. I recently had that experience where my thought was to move my patronage elsewhere but I didn’t. Then something good came out of it totally unexpected. Always trust your gut.


42 thoughts on “A collection of odds and ends

  1. Hold that smell. Research says those at risk for badly aging brains lose the sense of smell before any other symptoms. (However, not sure about ghostly smelling or the smelling of dinners past…. – let’s just say it’s creative environmental awareness…or you’re really hungry…)
    Underwires do set off TSA/security alarms around here – depends on the brand of bra sometimes, but usually machine set to ultra detection.

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  2. Kate, I have a smell thing going on too. I smell coffee everywhere while driving. Well, not everywhere but at the same places on my route. Not a Starbucks in sight. I’ve been thinking I have a brain tumor ☹️ Also, the coffee smells weird. I know it’s coffee because Tom makes it every morning at 5 am. I think my nasal passages are aging because it doesn’t smell as good anymore. It must be another one of those “it’s a bitch getting old” moments.

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  3. I smell cigarette smoke in our family room daily at various times of the day, mostly in the evening. We don’t smoke and there isn’t a house or peeps close to us for acres. Been going on for 11 years and I am still here. I smell cow patties now and then too but we have cows right behind us… 😀 CH’s coffee always smells like cat pee to me.
    I always trust my gut and listen to my little voice.

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  4. Hi, Kate – I couldn’t resist, I googled ‘phantom smells’. There actually is a term for this, ‘phantosmia’ (seriously, who knew)? There were a wide-ranging of causes for this, with olfactory concerns apparently affecting over 2.7 million Americans. Although most people with phantosmia reported smelling unpleasant smells, since the causes are so varied, it sounds like a good thing to mention to your doctor. “When it doubt check it out” is usually my practice. Good luck and please keep us posted.

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