Sassy cats — Gracie, the forgotten cat


Even a bad picture of Mollie is a good picture.

New cat Sasha is very photogenic. More than that, she is willing and will pose. Mollie and Morgan photograph well too.

Poor Gracie, she doesn’t. There is something about her shading that makes her look like a dark hole. She’s not a smiler either. If it takes 30 shots to get a good one of the other cats, it takes 50 of Gracie. (I can relate to this!)

Not only did the new cat steel her favorite toy and eat her food, she stole the spotlight too. We remind her that when she was new, she stole the spotlight from perfect cat Morgan. She stole pork chops from the garbage and put a paw in Morgan’s dish to pull it out from under her. Her toy was originally Morgan’s toy. She has grown up. She no longer does those things. We give Gracie a lot of attention but given her druthers, she’d like the new cat to go back to the shelter! Fortunately she was voted down.

Sasha, the interloper looking adorable!

40 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Gracie, the forgotten cat

  1. Just like human families! Not all siblings gel! I think Gracie is a sweetie even if she’s not the shining star of the family. She is probably a deep thinker, and perhaps considers smiling just a little too fake for the times we are living in! That’s my theory.

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  2. This makes me think of a “I’m her favorite” story. My Grandma always said I was her favorite grandkid. Turns out she told us all that 🙂 Just like you, I’m sure we all have favorited things each of our cats do, but I love my furbabies with my all, for each one! Good luck on the purrfect picture of Gracie. 🙂

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  3. Love to hear the tales of your cats Kate. Gracie is a sweetheart as they all are and maybe she’ll bop Sascha eventually and that will be all it takes! When I lost my GSD, the collie pined, so I got Kizzy a few weeks later. The collie thought he could rule the roost, but Kiz wasn’t having any of it and sat on his head! I;m sure Gracie will stand up for herself. 🙂

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    • I didn’t have too much trouble with Jake (black) although he had to be in the sun. Morgan also all gray is easier. Maybe it’s the darker grey or her reluctance to be in a good photo spot.


  4. Sorting and accepting takes a while. For some cats who struggled for a bit before finding their perfect home, are a bit reluctant to share their fortune – especially with a bouncy long haired baby…everyone loves that soft fur. Don’t worry Gracie, you’re secure with that sleek sophistication. Enough love (and food, and best spots) to go around

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    • As each cat joined the crew, the older ones tolerated the youngster’s antics. They waited patiently to eat if another was eating at the bowl of their choice. Everyone’s polite. It took Gracie a while but she got like that too. She wouldn’t push anyone out of the way. Unfortunately Sasha is having a learning curve on manners. The other cats are being a little too polite when it comes to eating. They need to wop her good so she learns to respect their bowl is their’s first. It will come.


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