Sassy cats — It’s been cold!


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The weather has been frightful dipping into the minus Fahrenheit category. That’s unusual for our area. It made us all sluggish. Naps were the order of the day. Fortunately we don’t have any pictures of the humans sleeping but trust … Continue reading

Sassy cats – Morgan, klepto extraordinaire!


Morgan is a kleptomaniac. It’s started with post-its and pens and grew from there to ribbons, blankies and the odd part from something that we don’t know. (You know slippery slope and all that!)  So far it doesn’t involve money, … Continue reading

Sassy cats – Mollie’s mystery allergies – does she or doesn’t she?


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For background, when Hazel was having issues with very stinky poops (VERY STINKY), I tried all kinds of things to keep the house from smelling bad. Even if I cleaned it up right away (using a gas mask!), it took … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Morgan and the computer


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Morgan is definitely the computer cat. It’s the place that we bond together…sort of. If you think butt in face and deleting posts is bonding. Sometime during the summer she decided that computers are to chew on. No she is … Continue reading