Sassy cats — Here comes summer!


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It’s time to open windows and sit on sills! Here Morgan and Sasha are sharing. Let’s listen in to their conversation. Sasha: Why do the doggies have collars with ropes attached. Are they taking their peeps for a walk? Would … Continue reading

Sassy cats – Sasha Moo-stasha, the year in review


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There is a blur of black and white flying around the corner at full speed. It loses its footing and crashes into a wall. It’s Sasha. I swear she’s made of rubber! She’s been here a full year. Seems like … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Move along


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Sunday marks the one year anniversary of Sasha joining the household. We’ll do a year in review next Friday. The cats are “curating” their photos and there is always the “are my whiskers curly here?” or the “does this make … Continue reading