Sassy cats – Ordinary times

Gracie: This is me napping on the windowsill! Peep says I snore. I DO NOT SNORE! I’m delicate.

Gracie here. It’s been a quiet week. Everyone has recovered from their various ailments. I tossed a mega hairball. Even with meds, I can’t seem to pass the fur that I lick off. This one had a good dose of blood from me working so hard. Oh yes, I did it on the NEW carpet. Peep was not happy but today’s carpets are so much easier to clean. Even blood.

The furniture was all scooted around. We had to reinitiate it (so exhausting!) and then someone took it away. We were all sad. Some of my best hairball work was on that chair! Peep had to clean it good, so no one knew. If it goes to a home with a dog, he will know!

This week was the Chewy delivery. The boxes weighed 87 thousand pounds each and the peep wrenched her back. I don’t know what that means except she’s grumpier than usual and seems to need more mocha lattes. I think she needs an IV line for the stuff.

We spend a lot of time on the windowsills. Plant are starting to bloom and that dang cardinal is still bombing the windows. Morgan was eating her breakfast on the front sill when he banged the window. It scared her and she fell into her dish. I offered to help clean her up but Gus was there first. Really dumb bird!

Gus was on birdwatch too. He whopped the window good!

That’s all for today. We wish you a wonderful weekend.


57 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Ordinary times

  1. Gracie sounds like quite the character! It’s great to hear that everyone in the household is recovering well. Hairballs are never fun, but it’s good to know that modern carpets can handle even the toughest stains. It’s also interesting to hear about the Chewy delivery, those boxes can be heavy! Thank you for sharing your week with us, Gracie.

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  2. Gracie – sorry to hear about the recurring hairball problem. That must be some really thick fur you have? Why does the cardinal keep flying into the window – does it freak out when it sees a row of cats on the windowsill?

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  3. Gracie, my week was so ridiculous that I would have liked to just curl up in one of your windowsills and snooze the whole week away. I am sorry you horked up a bloody hairball. I am sorry but I kinda chuckled when I read that Morgan fell in her food dish. I hope you and the other Sassy Cats and your Peeps are having a nice Saturday. I can hardly wait until wine time.


  4. My Zoe wishes she had your windowsills. The best she has is a sofa in front of the window and she prefers her glider rocker because she can launch herself on the back if and make it go bang! giving me a heart attack.

    Have you tried Churu Miss Gracie? Zoe finds them indescribably wonderful and one every few days seems to help move the hairballs around. Of course, canned food in general is supposed to do that. She says to tell you she likes it even better than catnip flavored laxatone. Feel better soon!

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  5. Glad you are all doing well. I hate how Chewy stuffs the boxes so full. Many times items have gotten damaged because of that so I don’t know how it saves money in the long run. Have a nice weekend.

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    • We haven’t had damage in a long time. We used to get busted cans of cat food. That was nasty. They started putting cardboard on top of the case and that’s helped. The weight though is an altogether different story. Sometimes I think I should split up my order and keep the litter separate.


  6. I hope you have a good weekend, Gracie. You seem to have your eye on everyone and can hopefully make sure there’s good cooperation! I do think you should be a little more understanding when the Peep gets annoyed at the hairballs. It’s a lot!

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  7. I am glad I discovered Chewy’s. So much easier and convenient than the grocery or pet store. But the box can be heavy! I usually unpack it in the hallway…a benefit of living in an apartment.
    Hair balls can be a problem. Fortunately only Teddy has a problem with them, Maybe because he has a “delicate” stomach, he often upchuck’s his food.

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  8. Is that cardinal angry at his reflection/ rival still? Man, those birds can hold a grudge.

    I leave the Chewy box for the kid. He has to carry it to the garage and there’s a massive bag of bison and sweet potato food for the dog in it. Cardio & weightlifting!

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