Sassy cats — The lovers

Gracie here. Gorgeous weather we are having. The peep has opened the windows and put a comfy towel on the sill so we can snooze in the sun. Life is good.

She came upon an “X” rated scene with Sasha and Gus. They call it mutual grooming. I call it disgusting. Next time the peep is going to make a video and hope it gets passed the censors. Anyhow these shots will give you an idea of what was going on.

Gus: Get that dang camera away from us! Can’t you see we are having a moment?

The peep has 87 blurred photos that she couldn’t use. She has promised to take a video next time. She also wants you to see that all this is going on NEXT to the new cat bed!

Wishing you all a great weekend!

51 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The lovers

  1. Charlie and Zoe used to cuddle and sometimes wash each other. Charlie actually would come and sit on Zoe until she would wash him. Later in life, Zoe no longer tolerated that. The one thing she still allowed was for Charlie to prop his sore leg up on her.

    Gus and Sasha are wonderful just they way they are. If it’s too much for Gracie I will trade you one Zoe for the pair. You take care of Gracie so well, you may as well have a second one. I dare you to find something Zoe will eat.

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    • I’m still using the appetite stimulant every third day. That has made my life a lot easier. I at least can plan on her eating one meal with the medication in it. I used to have two cats, Mollie and Hazel and when they were young they hung together. As they got older, they didn’t. I thought maybe it got too hot. These two are around 5 and still doing it.

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  2. Yes, they seem to be one of those sickeningly sweet couples who show too much affection in public! But what a cute pair. I can’t help but think they’re adorable, but yes, I do get your point, Gracie.

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    • It is. Sasha is a very social (with felines) cat. The grays aren’t into the mushy stuff so I’m glad Gus worked for her. Gus was a “player” at the shelter. He was in a large cat room and had several girl friends.


      • Probably not technically bonded since they don’t holler and get upset when the other isn’t around, but pretty close to bonded anyway. Separating them would certainly be traumatic for them.

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        • Gus is good for Sasha when she’s having one of her diva moments. He can coax her out from under the bed by whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Surprisingly Gracie is the one who spent a lot of time with Gus when he first came here to make him feel at home. They don’t spend any time together any more but occasionally will have a fun chase.

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