In grumpyville!

My morning run for a mocha latte is pleasurable especially now with everything green and fresh. The only thing that can booger it up is people! And they do!

This morning I was nearly killed or maimed by a privileged family. An adult male (papa privilege) was driving a late model black shiny Mercedes with two kids in the car. When pulling into the coffee shop, instead of parking within the lines he decided to pull sideways and take up three spots. He did this in front of me as I was walking to the door. I had to walk around him.

While doing that, a teenage daughter opened the door without looking and almost took me out. I yelled. No apology. No reaction. She was on her cell phone. I have to assume she was solving world peace because she was very intense. It was either that or which sneakers to buy. Decisions are tough for teenage girls.

Now she’s in back of me. I hold the door open for her because it’s the polite thing to do even though I was annoyed. No acknowledgement. No eye contact. Nada. We pick up our drinks at the same time. She gets to the door first and lets it flop close on me.

When I get out, I have to wait while papa privilege backs his car in front of me and takes off.

I go there every day. There are many people with fancy dancy cars but I’ve never seen this level of rudeness before. Most people are polite if not chatty. Most people don’t try to run me over. I hope they left a good tip.

I thought about my mom. First she wouldn’t drive me anywhere for a $$ drink for breakfast. She would have seared me with her eyes if I exhibited that level of rudeness. Maybe even smack me on the side of the head and asked what I was thinking! Maybe the first thought is that she wouldn’t drive me to school (in her black fancy Chevrolet) as there was a school bus for that.

Times they are achangin’!


60 thoughts on “In grumpyville!

  1. Hi, Kate – I am now reemerging in the blogging world and realize that I have missed a great deal. Times really are achanging and that family was shockingly rude. I hope that they were far-away visitors to your Starbucks and never return there.

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  2. I have always despised privileged (and privileged acting) people and adults are bad enough, let alone a teenager. I was always told to hold the door for people behind me and stand and hold the door open to allow a person on a cane or wheelchair get through. If I did that and the person didn’t say “thank you” or somehow acknowledge that when my mom was with me, she would say “you’re welcome”. Times are achangin’ and not for the better.

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  3. The timing of your post is interesting as just yesterday my daughter gave me her Starbucks story, which was rather similar. She didn’t have the car parked sideways–that’s just incredible, but she did experience rude and oblivious teenagers. The reason I was brought into the story is I overheard her quizzing my teenaged granddaughters as she told them how she hoped and expected them to be in public when she isn’t with them. Your experience proves the theory that young people learn their behaviors from their parents. 🙀

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  4. The daughter has obviously learned from her father how behave! That would make me grumpy too but I hope it did not spoil your coffee. I am grateful to have my simple decaf coffee at home where it is sage and Husband is friendly. At least most people at the Starbucks are decent.

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  5. CRAZY!! And here you thought you were just going out for a good cup of coffee, not walking into a danger zone! Sad about that level of rudeness from the teen, but doesn’t look like the apple fell far from the tree, due to Mr. 3 space parking.
    Hope you encounter kind, polite people next time you go!

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  6. I see this more and more e ery day. Its not just with one group its most everyone. People forot what mammers and decency are. Im not sayong all are like that. But its the me me me disease, parents worry about correcting their kids cause said kid will throw a fit then need a mental health day cause omgosh, dad told me I need to stop being rude to people. I grew up like you, where if I did something stupid you might get a smack upside the head and you never ever disrespected your parents or anyone else… Times have definetly changed.

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  7. Those ‘Rock Star’ parkers are part of an elite cohort of people otherwise known as the clueless which by their very condition, make it impossible to communicate about common decency. It’s frustrating to those of us who have to cross their paths. Sorry they wrecked your beloved morning ritual and hope it was a one-time shot. With a bit of luck maybe we can channel TWO flat tires for Papa Privilege because clearly one wouldn’t register in his brain that perhaps payback karna is a you-know what.

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  8. oh to be so lucky and privileged as to be able to get so grumpy about going to get an expensive starbucks drink.
    and who knows perhaps the teens parents recently divorced and she is struggling with the fault. And the dad is getting the kids to school so his wife can be on shift in the hospital on time. One just doesn’t know what others are dealing with.

    I’m sorry your day started so horribly bad for you.

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    • From the looks of the car and clothes, I doubt anyone works on a hospital shift. Doctor, perhaps although he wasn’t dressed like that. More likely his wife had an early tee off time for golf. Then again, I’m a writer and we make up the stories when we don’t know it. It’s what we do.


  9. Not at all surprised to see that an entitled parent raised an entitled kid. The kind of parent that thoughtlessly parks across three spaces is the same kind that parks across my driveway daily during the local school pick up & drop off. Their kids watch them do it and learn that it’s okay to do something illegal or entitled rather than walk a longer distance at any kind of personal inconvenience. And as I told more than one blasé parent, “You do realize you are teaching them to put you in a rat-infested nursing home or pull the plug on you someday, right?”

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    • Taking 3 parking spaces in front of the door was over the top. He wasn’t there long because the drinks were ready but sometimes they are not. Yep, I’m sure they would put their grandparents in a less than adequate nursing home. Old people are so inconvenient.

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    • At least I got a post out of it. I almost did get slammed by the car door. Usually at this time of the day, someone comes out of the driver’s side, not the passenger’s side so I wasn’t expecting it.


  10. People be challenging!

    Maybe “mom” was being held hostage . . . daughter on phone with kidnappers . . . who were making sure that they got their morning coffee in exchange for “mom’s” release?

    Then again maybe just asshats!

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