Sassy cats — The new furniture

Gracie is at the casino, it’s the peep today.

Cats be weird! Our new furniture, a sofa and loveseat, was delivered last week. The cats spent a lot of time smelling it. It must have passed because Gracie claimed the sofa (only she will go there) and the rest are sharing the loveseat. I put a cat bed on it to protect it. There was limited interest in that. Here is Sasha who clearly prefers the chenille fabric.

Sasha preferring the feel of the chenille covering to the plush cat bed.

However, when it came to two cats there was no choice. Poor Gus had to use the cat bed.

However, when the diva is away, the prince gets his first choice.

Gus prefers the chenille.

Morgan is the only one who prefers the cat bed to the naked feel of the chenille. Somehow I didn’t get a picture of her sleeping there. Maybe because it’s new and there is a queue to get on it.

Gracie likes the expanse of the sofa and prefers to sleep on the fleecy throw that resides there. She’s always the loner!

All the felines and peeps wish you a great weekend! May you get a nap in your favorite spot.

39 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The new furniture

  1. The cats have excellent taste in the furniture they choose as comfort spots! I only hope both the Peeps are going to be able to enjoy them as well. You might all need to take turns? Happy weekend, Kate (and family!)

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  2. Excuse me, Sasha makes me want to pick her up and cuddle her. And possibly blow raspberries on her tummy. How likely am I to survive?

    I love the new furniture. I hope it is equally comfortable for the peeps.

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  3. Love recliners! We have SEVEN recliners for the two of us ~ one chair, 2 loveseats with double recliners, and a couch with double recliners. FOUR of the recliners are power recliners with finger tip controls. 😀

    So we have LOTS of places for cat naps!

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  4. Love the new look/new furniture. Looks very comfy too – recliner footrests? Have seen some similar things at La Z Boy but that’s the style I hope to get “one of these days” (which probably really means “when the moon turn to cheese for real”) !

    Hugs, Pam

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