Sassy cats — She did it again!

It’s me! Gracie! The peep did it again. She got wrapped up in peep things and didn’t post yesterday. It’s hard to get good help these days.

it’s been a stressful week for the peeps. They are putting in new flooring on the second floor. Big decisions. They had all sorts of samples home and we cats weighted in. We liked the carpeting but the peep rolled her eyes. She said we barf too much for carpeting. Big decisions stress her out but it’s done now. Onto the next big decision!

While we were all rolling on the samples (and the peep was ignoring us), not much else was happening. Summer came bouncing in. It was 84 degrees in the house yesterday. That’s warm. We weren’t in the mood to eat except for Gus who is always in the mood to eat. The peep talks about putting him on a diet. That always is chaotic in this household. Morgan and I are grazers so we don’t eat all of our food at once. Gus swoops in and steals it in the guise of “cleaning our plates so the peep doesn’t have to.” Flimsy excuse.

It will be a busy week. We are getting new furniture so we will need to “fur” it up. Maybe a nice hairball to establish ownership. You never know what cats will do.

Here is a pic of Sasha being, well, Sasha. Right now she is watching Whiskers the next door cat. I think she’d love to get “in his whiskers” if you know what I mean! Have a great weekend all you wonderful peeps out there!

This is Whiskers sunning himself! Look at that floof!



34 thoughts on “Sassy cats — She did it again!

  1. Gracie – you tell a good story and were exceptionally cute in that photo but where is your byline? I don’t know who is floofier, Sasha or Whiskers. I’ll bet both of them were hot with all that fur at 84 degrees. Too hot too fast and yesterday we had snow.

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  2. Whiskers is a handsome floofy boy! It’s nice to hear he has a sibling and they lead a charmed life.
    New furniture is something to be excited about. New flooring make me nervous! I can’t make those decisions anymore since the move to this house. Thankfully we put all new tile down before we moved in. Nice cool tile… we need that here in Floridadee. Good luck with all this week!

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    • I much prefer decisions that are easily changed if you don’t like it. Flooring is not one of them. Whiskers is a sweetheart. He is not canoodling with his friend Izzie on the outdoor furniture next door.


    • He and his sister Izzie live a charmed life for a semi-feral. They have a heated hut and two squares a day. I don’t think they intentionally taunt. That side of our house has a big drop so my cats are what is essentially a second story window. The outdoor cats enjoy lying in our planted bed near the nepeta (catmint). Win-win all the way around. Once in a while Izzie will come sit on our front porch. There are glass sidelights and she and Sasha do a stare down. No one wins though.

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