Random 5 for February 26, 2023 – Weather, clothes, people, cats, clean-out


Snow? Seriously? – After a mostly snowless winter (does a dusting count?) we are predicted to get 3 inches this week. Here’s my thought – if I can’t have snow for Christmas, I don’t want it in March! Do ya … Continue reading

Sassy cats – Cat food changes and finicky eaters


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You are stuck with the peep today. Gracie is at the casino and Sasha and Gus are canoodling. I have no idea where Morgan is. Probably sleeping on my mahjongg tiles (one of her new favorite spots). The feeding schedule … Continue reading

Random 5 for February 19, 2023 – Peaceful interlude, hairballs, taxes, furniture, consignment stores


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Quiet peace – After weeks of running from store to store looking for furniture, carpeting and other house stuff, all the ordering is done. No weight on my shoulders. No scheduled shopping. The window treatment in the music room is … Continue reading

Random 5 for February 12, 2023 – Super Bowl, furniture, taxes, old age, cats


The big day – Our local team is in the Super Bowl (football championship for those who are sports challenged) and the playoff is today. All week the news has had stories of school children, nuns, bar patrons, etc., singing … Continue reading

Random 5 for February 5, 2023 – Youth, furniture, family businesses, weather, spring


Are they making them younger? – I had a whole-body dermatology checkup this week. I opted for a physician’s assistant so I could get in faster. I swear she looked like she was in junior high school. PA’s do a … Continue reading