It’s not me, it’s you!


No really, it is you. The internet says so.

It all started innocently enough. At first my computer would flash a warning screen when I went to a merchandise site. (I was sure the beloved husband had it installed when I was sleeping.)

It said “Warning! This site displays risky behavior” in big red letters. The kind that your mother would see when you were in big trouble.

Since when is buying underwear on-line risky behavior? We’re not talking thongs here. We’re talking granny panties. With a little lace. In red. And a bow. Not even French cut.

These are sites I have used for years. Do they sell my information? How could I tell? What information? My underwear size?

Then it started with blogging sites. The blogging sites hosted by Word Press.

Then it was you. About 40% of the blogs I visit display this warning (which I override – you’re welcome!)

Now I like risky business as much as you do. There are stories circulated about my youth but don’t believe everything you hear.

My first thought was that you posted something….ummm….juicy. You know….tantalizing. I was amazed that my security system had logarithms that could detect salacious stories and alert me.

Is there an app for that? A naughty app?

Intrepid, I clicked through to your site only to see pictures of puppies and kitties. What the? Salacious? I think not!

I must have the Carmelite nun of internet security systems. Prim and proper. No skin showing. No chance taking and certainly no fun.

It’s that or YOU are up to something….

Nuns do wear underwear. I wonder where they buy them.



36 thoughts on “It’s not me, it’s you!

  1. Kate … I promise you can visit my blog anytime and not get any salacious messages or photos. Or not. I know I posted a photo of Winnie the Pooh and some other stuffed animals sans pants. Oh. Oh.

    Glad you figured out what was causing it. Those warnings would make me very nervous. 😉

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  2. Okay, Kate. I promise not to put anything too risky for you on my blog. You can safely click on through. (I wish I could think of something slightly risque, but my posts tend to be exceedingly safe.)


  3. Kate, you are always venturing into these risky sights. Your getting me worried. Died laughing over your line—My underwear size? Who would they sell that information to that would care about mine? Funny, funny stuff in this post. :o)


  4. I also have McAfee and get the same warnings… I’m curious about what their definition of “risky” might be… am I going to be infected with measles which is very popular in California right now… or are they transmitting secret messages to cats… or is this site overcharging for vitamins? I wish they would be more specific…


    • Oh thank God! I found someone else who has the same issue. I’ve had measles so I am ok with that. More specific would be great. I will check it out and if I find something I will set you know.


    • The warning is my MacAfee system. Clicking on the by pass this warning takes me to your blog. Unless you are infected (which I doubt since it’s a WP blog) I think it’s something wonky with MacAfee’s latest updates. Risky business may be interpreted as a site with links.


    • It is new and came with MacAfee which updates itself regularly. It just started happening about 2 weeks ago and at first it was just with merchandising sites (but not Amazon or not even many of them). I should try the government sites. Now that is risky business!

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