Weird things to know about hand surgery

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy doctor said I had a “goober” on my thumb (technical term he really used) and it should come out. Earlier this week it was removed.

Simple surgery. Easy peasy. Nice happy drugs go with it.

I am in a full hand bandage that severely restricts my ability to use my right hand. Oh yes, and I can’t get it wet for two weeks. Two weeks!

We’re talking my dominant hand here. It’s a hand! How disgusting do those things get when you don’t wash them?

I can’t put pressure on my thumb so there is no “pincher” or “gripping” activity going on. That leaves my left hand overwhelmed and lonely. Miss Left Hand is talking about suing for lack of consortium.

They did everything together like an old married couple. One held the beer can and the other hand flipped the lip. There is no lid flipping going on. Or string tying. Button closing. So many things……

You know that old saying about one hand clapping? There is no sound.

You can’t properly wash your “hands” with only one either.

Or blow dry your hair. (Just a note here…you can scratch almost everywhere!)

I’m still wearing pajamas because I can’t do bra hooks nor can I get my big fat hand through normal sleeves.

The cats don’t like the look of the big hand. Nor do they like the odd antiseptic smell which is still there after two days. The hand, unwashed since the surgery, still has a brownish tinge from the antiseptic.

Nope, the cats do not like getting anywhere near that hand, not even for a scratch.

Mollie gave me some purr therapy. She did that by laying on my (full) bladder and stoking up her purr engine as loud as she could. Bet you can guess what that did.

They were not understanding at dinnertime either. Since I can’t open flip top cans, they had to wait a little longer. They yelled and thumped their paws in protest. (The little buggers!)

The bandage gets changed over the weekend and the replacement is smaller but I still can’t get it wet. I wonder if that Pinesol smell will remain for the entire two weeks.


57 thoughts on “Weird things to know about hand surgery

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  3. Not fun! I don’t know how you’re typing! You must be using a lot of patience to do anything at all…I would opt for two weeks in pjs, but the not getting the hand wet makes even bathing ridiculously hard. I’m still stuck on TWO WEEKS! So sorry!


    • That bandage has come off and it included an entire ace bandage wrapped around it. As I found out when I rebandaged the area, because of the movement of the thumb and everything else, you have to bandage far more than the wound area or it just slips off. And yes, the cats are annoyed and lord knows it’s all about the cats.


  4. Kate hope you are healing and all will be back to normal soon. Purr therapy, that made me smile. There is nothing better than some of that, unless its 2am in the morning and you are a light sleeper like me.


  5. I’m so sorry and I know how humbling something like this is. Your hand takes on all new meaning. Top beat me to it, but are you wearing leopard pajamas? That could be why the cats are staying away. They think you’re one of them, just bigger.

    Does Starbucks deliver? I’ve never asked. Heal, said Molly, Jake, Morgan and that diva Hazel…oh…and me.


  6. I remember when I had ear surgery and was told not to get my ear wet for two weeks. I was working then and still had to look semi-presentable. It was very hard to wash my hair, or much else above my neck for that matter. Sometimes I think doctors should be required to experience all the directives they give their patients just so they know what they are truly asking of us.


    • Today I am going to wash my hair. They told me to put a bag over my hand to keep it dry but the hard part will be trying to blow dry it. The hand isn’t flexible to I can’t use it to wash. Oh well…..


  7. Look on the bright side, at least you didn’t have this surgery in the spring, when you’re doing your gardening and getting the pond ready.
    Yikes! Two weeks of no washing, for a germaphobe like myself, I would go crazy!
    Feel better, Kate. At least you have an excuse for not shoveling snow.


    • Yes and we had lousy weather this week. I was fortunate that my surgery was scheduled between two snow storms. Not much else to do this time of year. In two weeks or so, I will start my seeds for the garden.


  8. Funnnny post! May your hand heal quickly, the antiseptic aroma disappear, and your cats adjust to foreign appendages. Maybe you can curl up with them, a good book ,and go braless for 2 weeks. Seriously, heal well my friend. Heal well.

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  9. I hope that you at least get to watch someone else do all the house work while you can’t wash dishes or wipe counters or do laundry … It’s the little things in life!

    But glad that you’re doing OK, Lefty.

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    • You know you would that would be great. Then it happens and I’m such a control freak that it’s hard to let go of things — like cleaning a counter top. I need meetings! I am looking forward to a cooking break. Although I enjoy cooking, I like take out too.

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  10. hope you get back to having the use of both hands soon, as those cats can be quite thumpy when they don’t get their usual prompt dinner service … hate to see a cat rebellion afoot (for lack of a HANDier term). 🙂

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