Random 5 for April 26 – Yoga pants, tips, grass, energy, Alzheimer’s


First lunch in the screened porch!

Not giving them up! – Life is returning to normal after the thumb surgery. (I was released from rehab! Yay!) However, now that I have been wearing yoga pants for almost eight weeks, I’m not giving them up. I purchased a couple of extra pair so I don’t have to do laundry every other day. Maybe when the weather warms up to shorter pants I will return to zippers. Maybe…..

Don’t judge – I was in the Starbucks drive-through (where everything weird happens). The guy in front of me was so intense on his cell phone that he would forget to move up in line. He would sit there. It was annoying. When he was at the window, he got a single cup of coffee and dropped a wad of money in the tip container. I was astounded! As I rolled up I saw the he left a tip of $4 and some cents for a single cup of coffee. I can’t be angry with the guy.

Ah! That’s wonderful! – There was a new smell out this week. The smell of new mown grass. Love it!

Getting old? – It’s been a busy week with errands and social events. Several days required early starts and some days I was on the road all day. All stuff I did routinely when working. Now I need my down time! We went out with friends for dinner last night. We had a great time but when I got home I kicked off my shoes, laid on the bed and promptly fell asleep. It was around 8 p.m. Perhaps I need more vitamins! (Or maybe it was that damn margarita!)

Sad news – When we originally moved into this house 13 years ago, there was a nice older couple living next to us. We enjoyed their company and occasionally went to dinner with them. They moved to a retirement condo in Florida after four or five years. Eventually we lost touch and often wondered how they were doing. They are now in their late seventies (which seems younger every year). We just got the news that she has been in an Alzheimer’s unit for the past three years. She was a wonderful person. It’s such a sad ending.

So how was your week?

46 thoughts on “Random 5 for April 26 – Yoga pants, tips, grass, energy, Alzheimer’s

  1. My bipeds like the smell of freshly mown grass. What they don’t realise is that the interesting smells are just building up nicely on the grass when they go and cut it!
    I’m glad your thumb is improving.


  2. How is it possible we’re at Random 5 time already? How sad to hear of Alzheimer’s taking yet another life’s zest! We watched one of our older neighbors just slip away, too, not many years ago. Not ok! 😦 I love the story of the big tipper. People are always so interesting. Love yoga pants. Don’t wear them out in public much, but I could be persuaded. 🙂


  3. Now that’s so unfair you have a actual LL Bean store. Ordered batch of comfy Tshirts from them and have looked at those capri pants on line. Add some nice tunic length tank tops that came from Lands End that would work well with yoga capri pants…. summer’s not looking too bad…now if only a screened porch.
    Enjoyed the post (YEA thumb!) and all the comments


    • Several years ago we got a “lifestyle” mall built near us. It doesn’t have the usual mall stores. There is a Lucky Jeans too. I love LL Bean. Was a big Lands End person and we have a local Sears that carries their stuff but not a big selection. The LLB store is much bigger and they always have free shipping if they don’t have my size in stock. I like the longer tops too.


  4. I’ve been in shorts (with zippers) most of the year, that’s how dry it has been in California. The man has a decent streak in him. The smell of cut grass (and that other grass) was at the ballpark today. Ah Spring, glad its here.Early to bed and early to rise…makes us trek to Starbucks! Sad indeed, it’s a rotten disease.


  5. I love yoga pants. Found some Danskin on line for $11.00! Just wish there were more colors. Around here the centipede grass doesn’t smell much at all. At least not like Ohio new mown grass which is heavenly.


  6. I know what you mean about the smell of newly cut grass. It’s such a surprise that first time in the season, you’d think I’d never smelled it before.
    Yoohoo, you’re out of rehab!
    Good for the man with the big tip. My daughters remind me to give big tips, esp. in places where the food is cheap and the staff is unlikely to make much.
    I’ve seen way too many people come down with Alzheimers lately.


  7. Congratulations on graduating from rehab, Kate! Yay!
    If only I could wear yoga pants to work, my life would be complete.
    It’s cold here today! Unfortunately, no outdoor dining. So sorry to hear about your friend,


  8. Yoga pants are In! So don’t feel guilty about abandoning zippers. Congrats on graduating out of rehab too! Heading out with a margarita to sniff the grass means life is good. 🙂


  9. “I saw the he left a tip of $4 and some cents for a single cup of coffee…” I’m cynical. All I can think is that Mr. Big Tipper was so intent on phone that a) he had no idea how much money he was leaving, or b) he didn’t want to put down the phone and take the time to unwrap the bills.

    Yoga pants are the best. Land’s End used to make this amazing sport pant in capri and long. I love them because they have real pockets. But now they’ve gone to one tiny pocket in the waist band the size of a credit card. Boo. Clothing manufacturers! Listen up! No more pocket discrimination! Pockets for women! We have cellphones and keys, too!


  10. I know, never say never, but I am never going back to jeans and they were all I was wearing. Or like you say, “pants with zippers”… I did/do wear shorts (long) and capris in summer. I don’t wear yoga pants, I don’t think, but I do wear Athleta Pilayo capris and Drifter tights with tennies and flip flops. I love them. I just bought a pair of Metro Slouch Capris… heaven sent. And Kate they do have shorts for summer, one style I like because they are long. We are all for meals on the porch! Our week was GOOD… a little planting, mowing, and wine time under the Oaks that are leafing out! Hope your week coming up brings back Spring to you.


  11. Lunch on the screened porch looks inviting. I guess I missed mine!

    Sorry about your friend with Alzheimer’s. One of the most wonderful and brilliant women I knew developed it and it was heartbreaking. Terrible disease.


  12. Once you go yoga pants you never go back~!~
    Hubby looks awfully happy in the porch 🙂

    Glad your thumb’s better and here’s to someone redeeming themselves by at least leaving a decent tip 🙂 MJ


  13. 1) coveting the screened-in porch (say goodbye to skeeters)
    2) it’s a mighty short jump from yoga pants to nightgown 🙂
    3) good tippers usually have good hearts, but move it along
    4) newly mown grass means very tired knees at my house 😦
    5) power nap! or maybe just powerful margarita? both good!
    6) sorry to hear about your neighbor and friend – sad news

    p.s. Can I add that I’m shocked? Random 5, and not a single mention of the cats? I had to double-check the header, just in case I had accidentally landed on the wrong blog. 🙂


    • I sometimes go in when the drive-through line is outrageous or I want to get something to eat. I like to see the stuff and ask stupid questions like, “Is that fresh?” That is the beloved husband 2 weeks after the big buzz hair cut. He’s usually a little hairier. He is a child of the 60s-70s.

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  14. Yoga pants you can disappear in while you smell freshly cut grass is as close to heaven as one gets in these parts.
    Glad your thumb has healed. It’s amazing, something we never think about can be so sorely missed, no pun intended.
    I think Kate if you’re lunching on the porch, spring may actually be unpacking her bags. Is that a frog I hear???


  15. 1. Yay! Lunch on the screened porch. Enjoy eating out this summer.
    2. Comfy is as comfy does.
    3. Money talks.
    4. Breathe in . . . aah.
    5. Do NOT blame the margarita . . . it was only trying to help.
    6. Alzheimer’s sucks.


  16. Something tells me those Yoga pants will be cut down to shorts. It’s very hard to go back …
    The fresh cut lawn smell, otherwise known as DEATH RAYS by me, has me sniffling, sneezing ad scratching so bad I considered using a fork to scratch my eyes!
    Lunch on the screened porch looks lovely!! Cheers to many more this season.


    • I know. My allergy friends are suffering and I’m doing a spring dance (in yoga pants of course). Allergies (at least the bad ones) do not run in my family. I do have an allergy to cutting grass (he, he). Finding yoga pants that aren’t wide (why do they make them so wide?) is hard so I’m not cutting them down. Maybe there are yoga shorts? My biggest beef is that they are all black. I look like an athletic nun without her head gear.


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