Sassy cats – Dang, it happened again

Sasha with her toy

When my cat Hazel died in December, I resolved to downsize my cat population. I’m getting older and young ones may outlive me. Well, that didn’t last long.

A blogger friend, Debra Farrington, is active in a TNR (trap, neuter, return) group not too far from my home. She occasionally fosters cats that are trapped and need special nurturing. Either they are ill and need medications or kittens to socialize for adoption.

Last fall she fostered a cat that had been trapped as a kitten. She was working on socializing her because she was very shy around people. Potential adopters would come to see her. She wouldn’t come out so they adopted another cat. She spent almost a year at the rescue’s shelter.

The shelter has open rooms for the cats but it’s not a forever home especially for a kitten. This little kitty moved to a few locations but didn’t get adopted. It touched my heart because Hazel was a shy cat that wasn’t good at adoption events either.

I had an opening and I’m sure Hazel would have wanted it that way. We have adopted another cat. Her rescue name was Mystique but we are trying out Sasha Moo-stasha (one look at her picture and it will be clear why and I’m not naming her Groucho!)

We’ll see if that sticks. Gypsy is another thought because of her homeless state for so     long. If anyone has a suggestion, I’m all ears.

Either I am the biggest cat whisperer ever or I was snookered again. (I must have that “sucker” tattoo permanently removed from my forehead.) After spending 12 hours here, she wasn’t shy with me. Another 24 hours and she’s climbing into laps for naps. She loves the resident cats who are giving me stink-eye.

There are nose bumps and butt sniffing. A few hisses when someone gets startled. Only old girl Mollie has threatened a head wamp (and it’s not clear if it’s for me or the new cat).

We are at four guitars for the beloved husband and four cats for me. Equilibrium. More about this newest invader next week. Maybe the resident cats will weigh in. Gracie is not excited about giving up the “baby” designation but she’s also interested in an active playmate.

Header photo courtesy of Debra Farrington

108 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Dang, it happened again

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  2. Sounds like a sweet girl – no one will ever replace Hazel but the new girl will be happy with you.

    My current cat is one who lost his person. It took him a while to adapt to me but he’s just as tight with me now as he ever was with his “mom.” I can tell he mourned her, but he had someone new to give him hugs and loving and I know that helped. I think there are organizations who help provide homes for pets who have lost their people, but am not sure of their names. You might want to look into that.


    • That was very kind of you to adopt a cat that lost it’s person. All of my cats are “hard to place” adoptions. Two of them only have one eye and the other was an older cat that had a litter. I am at full capacity for cats right now but if something happens I will adopt one that can’t find a home. Thanks for adding a comment.

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    • Young cats (they don’t have to be kittens) bring a new energy to the house. I remember Morgan and Gracie’s first year. Up to hi-jinx all the time. This morning I almost dumped her food with all her dancing around.

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  3. I was hesitant to read your post because with the title I was leary it would say you lost another cat so soon. I’m glad I read it. I think it is wonderful that you are offering another kitty a loving home… whatever you name her. Any guitar names that would suit her? Our Trinity had a lopsided mustache and one young girl at her first vet said she looked like the German we’ve all heard of. No Way was that happening. We named her Trinity because if I ever had human kids that was a name I liked, plus she was our 3rd cat and had 3 colors on her. Tyler came with the name Tyler and it stuck, it just got added to it because I considered calling him just Mister and he’s got a blob on a heel and hubby is a Tarheel fan. Skeamer (schemer spelled differently) got her name after about a week. Whatever you call her, and I like what you picked, she’s lucky to have you.

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  4. I’ve always had that thought/fear about a cat outliving me. Whilst losing them is horrible for us, if they lost us they wouldn’t understand at all and would think we had abandoned them. (Well, Louis Catorze wouldn’t care, but most other cats would feel abandoned.) I used to wonder whether fostering would be an option, taking on a cat that was never meant to be permanent? And they would be guaranteed to have someone looking out for them if anything happened to us?

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    • Fostering would still make the cat wonder what happened to you. A friend of mine says that animals are more in tune with nature and take death more naturally than we do. Maybe the problem comes with aging pets who no longer feel confident and get scared although many pets get successfully rehomed. It’s good to have an exit plan though. We have so many cat lovers in the family, I’m sure someone will step up.

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  5. Groucho. Ha. Congratulations. She’s so pretty, I can’t believe no one else swiped her up, which means she was meant to be with you. I like all the names suggested. Have fun with the new excitement in the house, and watch out for those head swats. 😉

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    • I always encourage people to look past shyness and simple disabilities when adopting because you can be overlooking some really great pets. This one is pretty and getting there socially although since she was part of a cat colony, adoption into a multi-cat home is good for her. (and more food to steal!)

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  6. I love the balance in your house. I should probably find out how many train cars John has and see if I’m up to the limit of something special for me.

    Sasha has a distinctive appearance. Cute as a button! I’m looking forward to getting to know her.

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  7. Nature abhors a vacuum- there was vacancy and things shifted for one who had been waiting just for you ( and housemates). Snookered everyone with that shy routine – auditioning for The One she knew was coming.
    Congrats and smiles and gentle ear scratches to all. Soon she’ll whisper her name ( between food grabs…a good sign she’s feeling happy with her choice. ) Maybe Hazel has been watching over her whispering “Wait. It’ll be great, I promise.”

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  8. Well congratulations …. but somehow I am not surprised by this change of plan! As for a name, how about a compromise between her markings and her developing personality? How about “Mooshy”? 🙂

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    Moo-stasha sounds perfect to me. Moo for short 🙂 I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before another little fur-face stole your heart. You apparently have an abundance of love to give 💕

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