Sassy cats – Sasha Moo-stasha, the year in review

There is a blur of black and white flying around the corner at full speed. It loses its footing and crashes into a wall. It’s Sasha. I swear she’s made of rubber!

She’s been here a full year. Seems like forever. She may be shy around strangers but not us. She is vocal and demanding. She will jump in a lap if she needs some scritches and if her tail happens to floof in your face (or your mouth), so be it. Get over it. What? You were trying to read a book? Later gator. Lotsa time for books when she’s done with you.

Whenever you bring a new cat into the house, you risk upsetting the equilibrium. We have been lucky. Our last four additions have gone smoothly. The last time I had an issue was when I brought Jake home. Elder cat Lacy did not like him. It created a lot of tension for all of us. There were cat zones. The cats didn’t get the gist of a DMZ (de-militarized zone) that I tried to enforce. There were fights, bites and vet bills.

That hasn’t happened since. Mollie may not be excited about more cats but as the current elder, the others let her alone. They know she’s old. She’ll give them a head bop if necessary. Or her famous stink eye. No one does stink eye like Mollie.

Sasha is not a solitary cat. She would not have been happy adopted by a household where no one was home all day. Or being the only pet. This is the perfect place. Three other cats and two retired servants. All 24/7. A screened porch for smells and bird sightings. Doors that open magically with a meow. Our home ad couldn’t have been more perfect.

She sleeps at night and plays during the day. She likes to have people and cats available. She’s a very happy upbeat cat who is always ready to accompany you to the bathroom or any other private place you want to go. She’s the BFF you always wanted. “No, that doesn’t make your butt look big!” She especially likes happy hour. It’s a harbinger to dinner.

We won the lottery on this one! Next time you are in the market, take a chance on one that is less adoptable. Too shy or missing an eye or maybe older, an old mom whose babies are gone. We have never been disappointed. They have lots of love to give.

Here are the latest pictures!

Morgan: You have a piece of kibble here. Let me clean it up for you! Oh, that was my favorite flavor. Do you have any more hidden away?

Morgan: Now you are perfect!

Mollie: Seriously, I need some peace! You are touching my butt!

What doesn’t belong on this night stand? Sasha says the tissues.

Gracie: There’s something under the bed! Let me ded it.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

There are more posts on Sasha. Here is about her trip home and here is a post three weeks later.

59 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Sasha Moo-stasha, the year in review

    • My old cat Lacy felt like that until the day she died. When I had her I only had one other cat which she tolerated until we found Jake abandoned by himself. My friend was going to take him to the shelter but he never made it into the car. Lacy never liked him and he was very young at the time. They were both black cats too.


  1. Kate – A year already – time flew by! Someone is extremely photogenic and appears to enjoy the extra attention for her one-year anniversary. I hope some cat grass or cat nip with only Sasha’s name on it accompanied that celebration, or was the blog post supposed to suffice (in Sasha’s opinion)?

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  2. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s a year already. Sasha sounds like a love. It worked out so perfectly for you to find each other.

    On an unrelated note, I wanted to tell you something. Don’t get scared or anything, ha, but I had a dream about you. I dreamed I was on a vacation and stopped by to visit you. For some reason, my car broke down and I spent more time at your house than originally expected. You and I had the nicest time laughing and chatting in your living room. And your cats loved me. They kept rubbing up against me. One of them laid next to me, showed me their belly and purred. Of course, dreams don’t depict what would really happen, not to mention that in my dream, none of the cats actually looked like your cats.

    Hope I didn’t scare you too much. LOL Have you ever had a dream about a blogger friend? I have had one or two (of others) before this one, but that was a while ago.

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  3. They complete our home….they “decorate” everything they come in contact with…..they make us rethink just about EVERYTHING….they steal our hearts and we love every second of it. Young or old, fat or thin, shy or outgoing they bring it all and we take it all. Having a pet takes you outside of yourself and lets you see just how wonderful you are to have helped one, two, three or more little special beings live their BEST life and in doing that, we live OUR best life. Sasha knows!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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  4. Everyone wants kittens and puppies, but I say older rescues are easier to deal with and easier to fit into your home. Their personalities are formed; you know if they will be good with other pets. Or children. You’ll know just how active you need to be to keep them from destroying everything, too.

    Boss Cat was 2 when we got her and loved dogs.We didn’t realize that really meant “loves smacking dogs around,” but it worked out for us.

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    • Mollie was 2 when we got her. Other than initially wanting to mate with Jake (who had the jewels removed at a very young age and wasn’t understanding her lady bits in his face) she was beyond damaging drapes. “They said” Gracie was 4 to 6 but I think she was younger. She was from a hoarder so her nutrition as a kitten must have been low. We had to build up her back legs and teach her to jump (boy was that a dumb thing to do!). Morgan and Sasha were around 1. I love kittens. They are so fun but I’m always drawn to the unadoptables. Locally there is a 4 year old cat whose owner went into a nursing home. I feel so sorry for it. It’s a great cat especially for another older person. I love Boss Cat. I love a cat with spunk. People have to do what’s in their hearts. I’m always pleased when people adopt no matter what they adopt.

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  5. Love the last photo of the paw sticking out from under furniture. That’s one of the things I remember the most about our cats. You just never knew who was where, and waiting to whack you. Happy Weekend, Kate.

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