Sassy cats – The book of Sasha Moo-stasha

We are coming up on three weeks with this new girlcat and it seems like she’s always been here. That is the sign of a perfect adoption. It doesn’t always happen that way.

Gracie’s initial time here was stressful because she had health issues that culminated in dental surgery and special food for crystals (and Xanax for her owner!).

Morgan came with parasitic amoebas that made us all crazy with meds. That experience produced one of my favorite posts about medicating multiple cats including old cat Jake who was very vocal about it.

Sasha was seamless. No drama. I kept waiting for the shoe to drop and it hasn’t…yet.

Part of a feral colony, she was trapped when she was a very young kitten and socialized by a rescue group. Like many cats, she didn’t do well at adoption events preferring to hide from the hordes of people who came to see her beautiful markings. She spent almost a full year in rescue. A long time for a young cat.

I was connected through a friend. I had a vacancy although I wasn’t expecting to fill it. There was a need that I couldn’t ignore.

She came home between snow storms. She has an in-door voice that is soft, high-pitched and squeaky. It’s rather cute. You can barely hear it. Unfortunately her other voice sounds like a full-grown bull moose in heat and she used that voice to sing the song of her people on the hour plus ride home from her foster mom. Yikes!

Part of the soccer match

She was shy for exactly 24 hours. She is besties with Gracie and has joined the in-house soccer team that plays at 3 a.m. She is the goalie. It’s all the hooting and hollering. I keep checking the walls for dings.

She is a voracious eater and cleans up everyone’s plate. Sometimes they aren’t done eating. We have to send her to manners classes although Mollie’s version is a swat on the nose. Quite effective.

She loves playing and lying in sun spots. She also loves climbing in a warm lap for a nap but not for long. She has things to do and cats to annoy.

Lucky for me, she doesn’t take a bad picture.



83 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The book of Sasha Moo-stasha

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    • I won’t have an outdoor cat again (unless I feed a feral that won’t come in like you are doing). We have coyotes and foxes looking for dinner here. I’m fortunate to have a screened porch where they can enjoy the outdoors without being really outdoors. I can’t imagine being without a pet. I’m trying to downsize cats (like I’m trying to downsize possessions) but somehow it’s not working.

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  2. I’m so happy to hear that she is fitting in so well and loving her forever home. Sounds like the other kitties are fond of her too, and know just how to put her in her place when she gets out of hand. Congrats.

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  3. This post made my heart smile 💕 I especially loved the photo of the 3 cats playing soccer. I get the sense from that one photo that she is a little spitfire 🙂
    Glad to hear it’s been stress-free so far. She sounds like she’s a happy, well-adjusted little mite.

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  4. She truly does sound like she was custom made for your house. Mollie should get some target practice, after all. Did she have other cats in her previous place? Some cats and dogs never feel safe unless they see that other dogs and cats are there and doing okay. When our dog Fey got freaked out and hid behind trashcans, she wouldn’t come out until she saw Woofie happily playing with my husband.

    And then there’s Bossy Cat, who doesn’t believe in hiding. She ate immediately and sought out dogs to harass.

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    • Since she came from a feral group, she was used to having cats around. Her rescue has cat rooms instead of cages. She was fostered for a while by herself but she adapted to cat company right away. Hazel wouldn’t come out from under the bed until Mollie convinced her it was safe. It took two weeks. I has a cat like Bossy except she was the cat from hell. She didn’t like cats or dogs. She chased a greyhound out of our yard. Damn cat lived to be 18! I got Jake when she was older and had to keep them separate or there were deep bites. That’s my only criteria now. I don’t care if they are missing a limb or an eye but they have to get along with other cats. Awww…sweet Fey. So glad she found you. Hope Bossy isn’t too hard on her.


  5. I love cats! But my daughter is severely allergic (think wheezing and eyes swelling shut) so I don’t have cats as pets anymore, because I want her to be comfortable when she comes to visit. So I love living vicariously through others who have cats. Thank you Kate!

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    • I have a friend who is allergic. She cat sat for me once a long time ago. For some reason she decided to stay overnight and my one cat slept next to her face. She woke up to a swollen face and a rash. Staying there wasn’t the plan so I didn’t feel too guilty about it but I found another cat sitter for future trips.

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    • I love happy endings too. We did have a kerfuffle this week. She refused to eat the Friskies that she always eats. She ate everyone’s Fancy Feast instead and whined for more food. Fortunately the next day she was back to her normal Friskies. Maybe a bad can.


    • She makes up for Gracie. Gracie is not photogenic. I have to work with her for good shots. Her “adoption” shot was so bad that I had to adopt her because no one else would between the one eye and the bad photo. Her remaining eye is small so she doesn’t project the happy look that Morgan does. Mollie is also photogenic. The real problem is the photographic who cannot keep still when taking shots.

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