Sassy cats – An interview with Gracie, the new catkid

Here I am doing my yoga. Morgan is sniffing my tail. I must smell good. That's a catnip bag by my paw.

Here I am doing my yoga. Morgan is sniffing my tail. I must smell good. That’s a catnip bag by my paw.

Hi, Gracie here. Today is my three-week anniversary at this posh hotel. I think I’m getting to stay here because no one comes to trot me out to new peeps like a pair of shoes on sale.

I had to break the staff in when I got here. *bangs head on desk*. They tried to feed me really weird stuff. It came out of cans, all wet and soggy. I prefer bagged food with a nice crunch.

You can see I have them trained to give me crunchy food.

I have them trained to give me crunchy food. They are slow learners. Really slow. Took 2 weeks!

Staff got all goofy ‘cause I wasn’t drinking water. They gave me milky white stuff that’s soooo good. Tastes like a milk shake (not that I know what a milk shake tastes like but just sayin’).

I did them a favor and drank it all. Now it get it twice a day. Morgan and Hazel steal some. Not fair! Mine, mine, mine!

I am in the foreground and Morgan is in the back.

I am in the foreground and Morgan is in the back. She’s admiring my nice butt.

Morgan is a funny cat. She looks like a big version of me but with the wrong eye. We are great buddies and chase each other all over.

Sometimes we run over Hazel. Hazel is the resident meatloaf cat (every house has one – just a little slow and tubby). She’s nice and we get along (so don’t tell her I called her a meatloaf).

In my spare time (when I’m not training the staff) I chase catnip mice and play with the ribbons and feathers. I never play with anything “bought.” (That makes the peeps crazy.) 🙂

Sometimes I run over the peeps when they are sleeping. They like that too.

There is a door that goes somewhere magic. The other cats go through it but I have to wait. They call it a screened-in porch. You can smell the outdoors there. Got to wait for someone called spring to come. Hope she comes soon.

Gotta go, need a nap. Nice to meet you all.

Hazel: Did someone call me a meatloaf?

Hazel: Did someone call me a meatloaf?

75 thoughts on “Sassy cats – An interview with Gracie, the new catkid

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  2. Oh Gracie! You really have landed in a wonderful hotel. Your peeps obviously really love you–enough to even share more of that white stuff! 🙂 I’m so glad you have new friends to play with, too. A happy household for all.

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    • She is mostly a sweet little thing. She and Morgan romp (non-violently) and she has stopped jumping on Hazel’s twitchy tail. She has to figure out how to let the staff know when she needs a new mouse. Flopping over on their feet only brings nice scratches.

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  5. The wet food drama is never ending with Freddie and Frankie. Just when i think everybody is happy the wind changes direction and I have to start again from square one. It’s a constant contest of wills.

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    • I get a lot of satisfaction from having four cats who all get along. When we have the fireplace going during the winter and everyone (cats included) are in their favorite spots, it’s very rewarding.


  6. Gracie seems to have found the Disneyland Hotel. What a life, living in the lap of luxury while dining on delicacies of bag food and popping corks on bottles of milk. It also sounds like she has staff members at her paws, or rather, under them—poor Hazel. 😀

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        • Back to when my old cat Jake (he is gone now) joined us, he and my cat Lacey did not get along. I mean DID NOT GET ALONG! Mostly it was Lacey as I found out when Jake accepted other cats after her. She was an old crotchety cat and I ended up keeping her in a very bright sunny bedroom with the door closed so he couldn’t get at her. That was awful. Fortunately by that time in her life, she was ok with it. She slept most of the time anyway. Before I did that though, I tried gates and barriers and happy pills. Nothing worked but the door.

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            • Have you talked to a vet? Sometimes it does take long. Jake was not fond of Morgan because she was too active for him. It took a whole year before he stopped some of his negative behaviors but he never attacked her or went after her. If she walked by him, he wacked her on the head. She stopped walking by.

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              • My vet doesn’t seem very proactive about behavior issues. I have a friend who knows a lot about cat behavior–as in she isn’t just a whisperer, but actually has studied cat behavior. She’s helped me with lots of ideas, but the thing that works the best seems to be giving Tiger places to camp out, keeping an eye on the others guys (and lock up the offenders when I leave the house), and carrying her up to bed with us at night (and into the “potty room” a few times during the day, just in case). In other words, spending all our time babying Tiger.

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                  • I know. Well, she does have the bedroom at night when we go to bed. We won’t let the rest in, and she can play mouse with her dad and run around and use the litter box as she wishes. Then in the morning, I carry her down for breakfast, which she takes in her cat tree (nobody else is allowed to use it).

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    • She creeps up on the bed after we have fallen asleep and curls in an armpit or bent leg. Sometimes it takes her 5 minutes to push the blanket to the way she likes it. Then she sleeps soundly for 8 hours, long after we get up. A closed door? That would end up in howling outside the door by more than one cat.

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    • The man peep said it was the really sad picture they had of me in the newspaper. He was the one who noticed it first. He knew what was coming. What’s one more one-eyed cat? This is a good crib. I hear you stay until you go to the rainbow bridge.


    • The furniture is grouped together under covers for the winter. I’m afraid that if I left her out she could hide in there and I would have a hard time getting her in. So far she only smells the door but hasn’t followed anyone out. Someone has to open the door for them so I’m hoping to hold off until we uncover the furniture. It’s also screened and I want to monitor to make sure she doesn’t climb the screens and rip them.


        • Hazel who has the thickest coat is the only cat that likes to hang out there now. Morgan goes out for 15 seconds then comes in to complain about her cold feet. Mollie won’t even go near the door (she’s a tad prissy). I have two chairs with cushions so they don’t have to sit on the cold tile but until it warms up more, even the birds flittering around out there don’t entice them. A few 60 degree days and it’s a different story.


  7. Gracie it truly is a 5 star resort! Wait till you get out on the porch! Very interesting about the liquid stuff the human is getting you to drink. You and Morgan look darling in your gray furs! I am glad you are in a home forever.

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  8. Gracie it truly is a 5 star resort! Wait till you get out on the porch! Very interesting about the liquid stuff the human is getting you to drink. You and Morgan look darling in your gray furs! I am glad you are in a home forever.


  9. Gracie, this is such a happy report. Obviously you’ve done all the work in making sure that your needs are met, so I applaud your quiet patience. Training human beings is always a challenge. Good job, darling.

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    • There are 3 cats here that prefer dry. One I broke, another will only lick off the gravy and Gracie isn’t having any of it….yet. It depends on what they were raised on initially. That saying that they’ll eat when they are good and hungry doesn’t seem to work in my house.

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