The cool kids

converse-sneakersThis post is about people. Really!

I had promised myself not to write about shopping for at least a year. I’m not good at promises.

The shopping part is incidental. (I promise.)

There was a birthday coupon which expired on the 31st for a local big box shoe store. I’ve been eyeing a pair of sneakers for months. The time was perfect.

I love sneakers. I find them comfortable and I’m just like a little kid. If I could find a multi-color pair that blinks or flashes, they would be on my feet right now. But I’m not in the market for crazy. I wanted a pair of Converse sneaks from the ‘50s. Black and ugly. The ones that make your feet look like boats. Big boats.

So cool.

Not only was there a pair in my size but there were a few different styles. One was a modern version with only 4 eyelets instead of a gazillion. They fit. As I tried on the left one, there was a big padlock on it. A security padlock.

We are talking shoes that cost less than $50 (and I had a coupon too!). There were expensive UGGS that didn’t have a padlock. Whaddup with that?

When I went to the checkout, I asked. She confirmed it is for security. The alarms would sound if anyone walked out with them. I said, “But they are under $50!” She said it was a popular style and a huge target for shoplifting.

Woo hoo! That means the cool kids wear them. I’m a cool kid! Woot woot!

57 thoughts on “The cool kids

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  2. I missed this while we were on vacation… you are a cool kid! Me too, I have a pair of gray Converse sneaks but they rub blisters on the back of my heels… bah. I will have to keep stretching the heck out of them! Love your sneaks!

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    • Since you are so late you get the full story. I had them for a week. I wore them an hour or two at a time inside because they weren’t quite comfortable. Something about the heel. It kept slipping and there was some rubbing. I ended up returning for a pair of Rocket Dog knock offs. Half the price and a lot more comfortable. Maybe Conserve are more for guy feet.

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  3. I love shoes! I have been trying hard not to buy any more, but I weakened and bought a cute pair of booties online last week. Can’t wait to wear them. I can’t understand why you or anyone else would want those b&w sneakers, but apparently I’m greatly outnumbered, so go for it.

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    • I’ve had them a week. I wore them indoors for an hour here and an hour there to make sure they are comfortable. I have skinny feet with skinny heels and they slip up. That would be annoying for a whole day. So….after waiting all these years for cool shoes they may have to go back. Perhaps you knew something we didn’t? (I know you were going for the dorky look!)

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  4. Converse All Stars are the absolute bomb! The only thing better than the ones you got are the high tops. Of course, the high tops had absolutely no arch supports for some reason — at least the ones in the 70’s didn’t. Maybe they’re different now. Great choice! – Marty

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    • I did a few July birthday dates (great minds think along the same tracks) but July isn’t a good month. Your idea is good. Either it’s a March or an October-November birthday that does best. By January I bought everything I want. This year for the first time I got a $10 off coupon for a local hairstylist. Gonna use that puppy!

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  5. You hit a nerve here, Kate. I would have done anything for a pair of cool converse shoes back in grade school, but it wasn’t going to happen. I wrote a whole blog post about this way back. I never got to write the initials of the boy I liked on the toes of my shoes and I still believe that it was the reason my love life was a mess for the ensuing 15 years.
    Make sure you write the initials of your husband on the toes of your new shoes.

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  6. I have a closet full of shoes (left over from my work days) but I only ever seem to wear my rain boots. In fact, I just did a 30K walk in them. (In my defense, it does rain quite a bit here…often, seemingly, from the ground up!) I am sure that this confession puts me high on the ‘not cool’ list….but they are Hunter boots!

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  7. Kool Kate! I yearn for those blinky, flashy sneakers. There were no such things when I was young. I tend to sit at the computer, not noticing that the sun is long gone. If I had blinkig shoes, I could find my way to the light switch, even if I had to jump up and down to see.

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  8. Yay to being a cool kid! Shoes are not one of my “things.” Right now I’m really enjoying my sparkly slippers and I think they’re kinda cool, especially when they make reflections on the walls when I step in the sunshine coming in from the window. Can your shoes do that?

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  9. My mom only let me have dainty white keds….brother got the cool black converse.
    Sneakers are the best….I’ve got all sorts. One pair of brown suede Keens are about the same shape as those in the pix. Not one pair of white keds.
    You are the Kid Kool….and maybe the price will go down even more if we start wearing those…buy an extra pair!

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