Random 5 for February 5 – Pet rescues, Mom, vanity, caffeine, ads

It's been one of those weeks for Mollie.

It’s been one of those weeks for Mollie but sunshine makes it all better.

Rescue group – Gracie (the new catkid) came from a rescue group I hadn’t dealt with before. It’s all volunteer (as many are) and full of cat lovers (just like me). After three weeks I’ve had two follow-up calls to see if things were working out. That’s great. It takes time but it’s best to work with an adoption at the beginning so you can intercede if things are go wrong. Otherwise the animal comes back, older and rejected. Nope, Gracie is not going anywhere (except the vet next year for annual shots). She’s home for good.

Speaking of the rescue – The call was in my voicemail. When I called back, the woman was on the phone with her mother. She said that she’d be right back because “my Mom knows the drill.” That doesn’t necessarily mean that cats come first but that she could call her mother later and it may be harder to catch up with me. I remember telling my Mom that “I had to go” when something was going on. Seemed natural at the time. Now I hope I didn’t make my Mom feel second best.

Really? – I know I’ve written about this before but I can’t help myself. This week two friends posted extremely touched up photos on Facebook. It didn’t look like them at all. There must be a new app out there and I’m not liking it. Lessening wrinkles is one thing. Making the face a flat plain is another. Don’t expect me to tell you how beautiful you are unless you post the real thing.

It happens – Yesterday I got the wrong drink at Starbucks. It was a quad (that means extra shots) latte. Not decaf either. I would have been bouncing off walls. Who drinks that stuff? It’s straight caffeine.

I ain’t listening! – Sometimes there is an interesting recipe posted on Facebook. (It’s what I like about FB.) There is one website that does slow cooker recipes. Every time I click on the link for the full recipe, they have an ad. That’s not the worst part. The ad is 30 seconds long (that’s long!), can’t be skipped and I can’t alter the volume which is ear-piercing. Consequently I shut down the site. I miss the recipe and don’t see the ad. What marketing brain thought of that idea and who does it work on?

So how was your week?



62 thoughts on “Random 5 for February 5 – Pet rescues, Mom, vanity, caffeine, ads

  1. I am now very curious about the extremely touched-up photos your friends are sharing on FB. it’s interesting to me that they have the nerve. LOL! I would be afraid that the next time I’m seen in person someone would be shocked and ask me if I’d been ill! You asked about the week…all is well or well enough. But I think you’d like to know that I’m meeting a coworker tonight for an early dinner. I haven’t seen her since I retired last July and I do miss the friends…not the work commitment. You so often mention your work friends and how it is to stay in touch. I’ll be full of the office gossip when I get home. I do miss that. 🙂

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    • I think there is an extreme app for pictures. Maybe through snapchat? Not really sure. I still enjoy my co-worker friends but after 5 years, the gossip doesn’t matter. People have left and new workers are in their place so I don’t know the players anymore. Your retirement is more recent. If you hear something good, you have to share!

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  2. Wow! What a good rescue group! That’s so nice that they call to see how you and Gracie are doing.

    I haven’t run across any friends who used photoshop yet. Or maybe I’m just naive and thought they looked that good. Of course, we all choose to show our best photos, not the embarrassing ones. Although I will have an embarrassing one on my blog for Valentine’s Day. It illustrates the point so well, so I had to use it.

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    • You would know one if you see it because it doesn’t look right. We all try to put our best face forward but think of the face on a doll. It’s almost featureless and perfect. Looking forward to your embarrassing one!


  3. After reading this post and all the comments, I’m wondering what people think of my avatar. I have never used Photoshop on a picture of myself, and I don’t expect to have Botox injections, but I cheat legitimately. I cheat BIG TIME! I look at every photo of my face, and when I find one that makes me 100% more glamorous than I am, I pounce on it. December’s birthday picture passed that stringent test, and it replaced one that was taken over two years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t change it for another five years.

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  4. I hate the sites that say something like “Scientists discover tomb of unknown pharaoh under Egyptian city.” (I’m a sucker for archeological articles.) When you click on the site you find that it’s a slide show, and the page is full of ads for Viagra or something, and you have to wait until every single ad loads before you can go to the next slide. It’s frustrating and a waste of my time.

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  5. Kate, I love to read your posts… always interesting, makes me laugh, you give me hope in that I am not the only one that thinks certain things about certain things, and you truly love cats. You love them and are committed to them to the end. I am not a fan of selfies, I can’t hardly bring myself to post a click of me… that is why my feet are my avatar! I use The Book of Face to get to kitties and cat stuff… 🙂 My week was very nice! Enjoy the the kitten bowl!

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  6. Photo shop is not something I like either. That youthful, embalmed look scares me. Had a huge fight with a photographer friend of mine who retouched a picture of me so much, I looked like a platter with eyes. That app, is inapp….as inappropriate, so you’re not wrong.

    Gracie looks amazing, and happy. She’s my favorite color gray.


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  7. A “friend” (from high school, I really don’t know her well) posted a highly edited picture of herself on Facebook recently. Whoever did the touch up forgot to do her neck because her creepy looking, unlined face didn’t match with her 60+ looking neck. I don’t get it… if someone comments on how great they look, does that make them feel better, knowing it’s fake? Maybe that’s OK in the age of alternate facts.

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  8. My week was cats, of course. Gracie is a beauty. I’m so glad you were able to get her. I’ve made calls to adopters for the shelter, and the thing is that most people 1) don’t answer their phones, and 2) don’t call back. It’s really frustrating. Then the volunteer is left worrying about the animal.

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    • I did call back but it took a day. They have my email address too and I’m easier to contact by email. I will respond fairly quickly. With a phone call, it depends on the time. I can email you at 10 p.m. but I won’t call. When Gracie had the bloody urine we did quite a few emails between the coordinator, one of the techs and me. They wanted the office visit record from my vet and suggested that since she was such a new adoptee, I bring her back to their clinic if there are any further issues. They were great to work with.

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  9. The way you feel about the touched up photos is how I feel about the selfies. I just don’t get it. I’m on and off Facebook as fast as I can, but I’ll keep my eye out for the touch-ups.
    I don’t know, that quad sounds pretty good to me. 🙂

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  10. No photoshop for me, if I don’t like the picture, I don’t post it, easy as that. The ones I really don’t like are the ones that make your face look all distorted. Some find that funny. I think it’s kinda creepy. My mom knows I work from home and so she always asks right away if I’m busy working. I am but most of the time I tell her no. She’s 93 and I don’t know how many more phone calls I can expect. Have a great Sunday!

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    • That’s a sensible approach to photos that I share. I don’t like the ones where people are making goofy faces. I suppose it’s supposed to be funny but it only is for the person. My mother is long gone but you can be sure if she called, I’d drop everything.

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  11. My week was groovy. Thanks for asking. Once again your observations have confirmed for me that I made the right decision to leave FB and never look back. Touched-up photos and unwanted ads? Good gracious, what has that place become? 😉

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    • I recently saw one of the people I’m talking about. She’s been on some medication that blew up her face. The picture she posted had to be from 20 years ago with extreme touchups. It would look like her daughter if she had one. I have another friend who weekly posts “glam” shots from his teen years, hairy chests and gold chains. Seriously folks, get a grip. You are aging like everyone else. You look pathetic when you do that.

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  12. I am with you on the FB touch ups. People will go to great lengths to deceive themselves and others . . . all to “save face.” 😀

    I am also with you on closing out of sites that don’t let me past the bouncer at the door without sitting through a long commercial or giving them my e-mail address. There is always someplace less annoying to get the info . . . or not.

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  13. I thought getting through those ads so slowly was just my old and tired computer! I have stopped clicking on the recipes because of that. There is one I have wanted to see time after time, but it is a video my computer can’t get…The best way to reheat pizza!?!
    Oh and it’s been a hard week! “Nough said!”

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  14. It’s a recovery day here after a sad night. Had to say goodbye to our dear old lab mix who was at a minimum 13 years old. She was a stray that my daughter took in before she had children. When she went into labor with her first daughter I took the dog home to my house. Hubs said, after a week, “if you’re not careful that dog’s going to be here forever.” Luckily I didn’t face palm and say, “Well, duh.” She’d had numerous failings lately, but last evening’s seizures made things impossible. Of course this happened when our vet was far away in Florida. Hubs loaded us up in the van for a trek to Omaha to do the deed. We knew she’d never recover from those seizures and with recent back trouble I can’t lift her. She had a long, comfortable, happy life.

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