How bad is it? Or how to get your happy on…

Source: Hallmark Channel and sbnation

Source: Hallmark Channel and sbnation

I needed some happiness. A break from the bleak and dreary. I watched the Kitty Bowl followed by the Puppy Bowl. (Followed by the People Bowl)

Better than Valium. Almost better than winning the lottery. So funny and peaceful in a ruckus sort of way.

Your heartstrings get tugged. That’s good for you. It’s almost like exercise. I bet you even use calories. (There are a lot of “almost’s” here. Some “not quite’s” too. On the whole, winning the lottery may be better than watching any TV.)

How can you not laugh at players with names like Noodle, Cupcake and Spuds McMuffin? Mr. Slippers was last year’s star. He was adopted and renamed Howard. (I mean seriously? Mr. Slippers to Howard? Sigh!)

There was also Puddles and Flea-on-ce. Frank and Beans (identical kitties). Tony Slo-Mo was the quarterback. (Are you smiling yet?)

There were about a hundred kittens at this function. Typically they all get adopted. Showcased in such a fun way, how can you not adopt them all? (Beloved husband hides the phone!)

Subaru was a sponsor (love their commercials) as were several companies that make or sell pet products.

Moving onto Puppy Bowl, I was introduced to Choe-kar-doggian, a delightful puppy. The puppies were a lot more ruckus and there was more size variable but just as awe inspiring.

The People Bowl was inspiring too or so I heard. I left after Lady Gaga.

How do you get your happy on?




42 thoughts on “How bad is it? Or how to get your happy on…

  1. Tink dragged me over here to talk to Mollie – but turned the computer back to me when he saw your post was about a bunch of bowls – lol.

    I have never seen the Kitty Bowl, but have chuckled at Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl many times, staying with friends. The human bowls hold NO fascination for me – I have rarely been invited to any of the parties because people know I just don’t “get” football and would probably try to chat.

    I did check the ‘net for the commercials, however. LOVE the subtle digs in all of them – but the version of The Wall posted on the web is a must see, IMHO. (censored, as you most likely have heard, by Fox, so folks at home only got to see the truncated version.)
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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      • Yes, of course, as an advert, it is also marketing. Yet such an original way to do it – appealing more to our humanity than “buy this product.” Very courageous of them, I feel – and cowardly of Fox not to run it as produced. ::follow the money::

        For me, the best part was a sort-of “just say no” meme at the end that might encourage politicians to THINK AGAIN before rubber stamping impulsive proclamations our fear-mongering “leader” spews daily.

        Hopefully it will also counter some of the hate and fear fomented with some much needed empathy.

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        • That wasn’t a well thought out proclamation. I fear that we will have to tolerate many missteps as someone without experience in collaboration belts out orders. I like subtle messages. I get them. I often wonder if others do.

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          • Maybe not consciously, but I do believe their brains register them in a manner that bypasses confirmation bias, so less likely to activate cognitive dissonance – perhaps more likely to open minds a bit.

            I have recently written an article about those concepts — it’s in the queue to autopost Monday, I believe (13th)


  2. I missed the kitten and puppy bowl… I didn’t even know they were a “thing.” Oh well. Instead I watched the people bowl, all the way through the disappointing finish. We always go to a neighbor’s house, eat too much junk, and drink in the afternoon – something I don’t typically do. I am glad that we are on the west coast… I would have hated to waste my time late into the evening. Instead, I just wasted my time into the early evening.

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  3. I really should have watched both puppy and kitty bowls. I was full by kickoff and this was added by beer (which I hardly ever drink). I was rooting for the Falcons and they failed miserably. By the end of the game I was bloated, had an alcohol headache, and couldn’t lay down to sleep till after midnight because I was too full. On the plus side, the barbecued wings were amazing. And so it goes. – Marty

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  4. We saw some of the kitten bowl and yes it made me smile… it cracked me up! You would love the Kitten Lady, Kate. Maybe check her out on FB. Kittens and cats always make me happy!

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  5. This year we actually cared about the People Bowl because our beloved team was playing so spent the entire day cooking & prepping. I wish I had watched the KB and PB so we had some good feelings saved up for the end of the game 😦

    But the bonus is knowing that those sweet little friends got lots of publicity and hopefully wonderful homes.

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  6. I missed the kitten bowl. I’m sure I would have loved it– and those names! Wonderful. I’m with you and Jill on the outcome of this game. A Falcons win would have been great, but instead we got same old-same old. *ho-hum*

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  7. We watched the game until 9 and then watched Victoria and Secrets of the Six Wives on PBS . . . but BFF caught the surprise turnaround in the 4th quarter on the bedroom TV.

    Loved the half-time show. So much ENERGY. And the music didn’t grate on my ears. 😀

    Glad you enjoyed the puppy or the kitten bowl ~> it’s hard to watch critters at play without smiling. There’s a show on the Animal channel called Too Cute which is puppies and kittens at play. FUN.

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