Sassy cats – The porch edition

This past week we cleaned the porch and put the cushions on the furniture. It suddenly turned into a welcoming room. Comfy and pretty.

This is the first summer for our refugee cat Grace. Initially she was terrified of the porch. The overhead fans were spinning and nothing looked familiar. She’s a curious cat though. She would peer around the doorway to look. Her friend Morgan beckoned. (Hard to say no to Morgan!)

Morgan (lower) and Gracie keeping an eye on things (no pun intended). “Let’s invite him in! Wouldn’t that be a surprise for the peeps!”

They are besties. Although it wasn’t planned like that, Grace has given Morgan a playmate. The older cats weren’t always pleased with her prancing and chasing especially if they were in the middle of their siesta.

Gracie, on the other hand, is more than ready for a good chase. Any time. Any place.

Sometimes when you do a good deed, there are a lot more benefits than you expected.

It warms my heart to see her out there watching the wildlife. She gets so fully engaged that you have to be careful not to startle her. She stays with Morgan when she’s unsure of herself and that works for Morgan too.

They enjoy sitting together. (Did you fart? I think you farted! Bleah!)

She’s not all rainbows and lollipops. We have battles every day on what she will eat and when. And the dumpster diving. That’s another post though. This is about introducing a new friend to a new experience and watching her embrace it fully.


Here is Hazel wishing you a great weekend from the porch. “Nipmartini please! Hold the olive! Two sardines!”

54 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The porch edition

    • Me too. When we close up in the fall, it’s like a hibernation of sorts. In it’s own way, it’s a welcome reprieve but our winters are too long by about a month. When it’s time to open up, there is real joy in the air.


  1. Roxie read this and is quite jealous and very angry with Charley and me because we worked out in the yard today and did not set up her Gazebo! She howled bloody murder at the doors and windows begging to be let out. I see a blog post coming from all of this trauma.
    It is so wonderful to see how contented your cats are and it bodes well for a very pleasant spring.

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  2. I am so excited to see that your porch is open for business! I get almost as excited as your cats when your porch season begins because I know there are going to be great summer stories about the pond, the fish, the frogs, and all kinds of wonderful posts from you that get me in the spirit of summer. I am not a summer person and you make summer happy for me with your words and pictures. I am also excited and happy when I see Morgan and Gracie together… buds. Z loved the porch and love seeing your kitties enjoy the porch too! If it wasn’t for seeing your tile on your porch I wouldn’t have gotten rid of those ugly carpet squares I had on our porch and put down the tile that I now love! Enjoy that lovely porch and may we all have a long porch season!

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  3. I’ll be over this afternoon, and I’ll bring the lattes, ok? You can’t provide such a beautiful space and not expect guests! 🙂 I hope Gracie really makes herself at home in this inviting space!

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  4. “Sometimes when you do a good deed, there are a lot more benefits than you expected.” What a great line and observation.
    Always envious of that lovely porch – with fan, screens, and cushions. Sigh. A real summer retreat…wonderful the cats let you visit it.
    Nothing as interesting to watch as a cat in a trance or one with a friend.
    Thanks for the morning smiles

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    • Bringing a new cat into an established group is always scary. I already knew that there was a cat (a littermate) that she did not get along with at the shelter. Crossed fingers and moved ahead. All worked out. I wonder if they know they share a disability or (most likely) that has nothing to do with the friendship.

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