Random 5 for April 16 – Religious holidays, traditions, chocolate bunnies, spam, misplaced outrage

To those who celebrate it – have a joyous Easter or Passover.

Times change – This year our Easter tradition has changed. There were some family conflicts so we are enjoying an Easter dinner by ourselves. It is special nonetheless! We are blessed with good weather and that’s a great gift. Thanks Mother Nature.

That’s me in the middle with my cousin on the left and the chocolate bunny ear eating niece on the right.

From years ago – My niece and I are close in age and we grew up living close by. One of my vivid memories was of an Easter where I displayed all of my precious chocolate Easter bunnies and my niece about three years younger than I, came along and nipped off all the ears. I was heartbroken!

I should have checked! – A new follower commented on several posts. I never saw them because they ended up in my spam along with porn sites offering enhancements or lessons to be more…ummm…proficient. By dumb luck I found them languishing there. She’s a WordPress blogger. I’m not sure why they rejected her.

Perhaps it’s just me – but I get sick of social media outrage. There are always two sides to every story and not everything is what you see, even on video. Everyone who makes themselves a victim is not always a victim. Some are in it for the $$. If you want to be outraged, look at the bigger picture – environment, homeless, starving people, endless war. That deserves your outrage. Rant over.

So how was your week?

71 thoughts on “Random 5 for April 16 – Religious holidays, traditions, chocolate bunnies, spam, misplaced outrage

  1. I’ve had that new-comment-sent-to-spam problem, too. I think it has to do with the IP address that someone uses. If WP has decided a certain IP address is spam and if you happen to be on that address, like at a coffeeshop or public library, then your innocent comment gets caught in the net. At least that’s how it was explained to me years ago by someone who seemed to know such things. I now check my spam weekly, just in case some good person gets snagged.

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  2. When you think about what’s happening to the environment, homeless people, those who are starving, and the world in a constant state of war it’s easy to get outraged. Makes me want to go eat a twelve foot high Cadbury chocolate bunny! It won’t cure what’s wrong with the world, but the chocolate fix will make me feel better—with a subsequent need to go workout at the gym.

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  3. Love your white fluffy dress. I wish petticoats would come back in style. (Even if I am too old now to wear them. ) As for outrage – I limit my social media to WP, a weekly quick dip into facebook just to see what the nieces and nephews are up to, and an occasional self-inflicted Keith Olbermann video. It’s manageable.

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  4. There’s a WordPress spam folder? Oh, oh. I wonder how many messages I might have in MINE? Oops. I better check that. This is the first year I really didn’t celebrate Passover, which for me is pretty much just making matzo brei, slapping apple sauce on it, and calling it a holiday. But for some reason we didn’t do that this year. I guess tomorrow I can buy those Cadbury eggs for half price at the CVS instead. 😉 Happy Easter, Kate!

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  5. It’s funny you should print that photo. I bought the card version and gave it to my audiologist to be funny. I always loved Easter. New clothes, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate all mine plus it was legit, my mother playing the Easter Bunny to the hilt. Of course I grew up thinking he was Italian.
    As far social media goes, we have a Tweeting President…need I say more?

    Happy Easta Kate, and to those you love, four-legged and then some. 🙂

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  6. We were one of those families who primarily went to church on Christmas and Easter, before my mother gave up completely and no longer insisted. I do remember getting Easter dresses, though. I never liked them (I was always a bit of a Tom-boy) because they were scratchy and I had to keep them clean.

    I’m with you about the social media outrages. I try to ignore most of them… although sometimes it’s hard. There are so many real outrages that we could actually do something about.

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  7. I love the bunny cartoon at the top . . . I’ve shared it before on SLTW, but it’s always amusing! I always had a hard time eating Easter bunnies. Chocolate eggs were easier. No choice to make about where to start. 😀

    Love the Easter shot too ~ we have some cute photos of the 4 of us dressed in our Easter duds.

    I’m with you on Social Media outrage too ~ I almost did a post about the United fiasco and then I asked myself, “Why?” As egregious as it was, it was an isolated occurrence, not an on-going situation like the issues you noted that really deserve our outrage ~> environment, homeless, starving people, endless war. Besides, I’d rather share “Drops of Good” to lift spirits.

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  8. Oh, the joy of the chocolate Easter bunny. And sometimes the sorrow. When I was eight, everyone got a bunny in their basket but me. My stepmother’s mother had come for Easter and either miscounted the number of kids (there were a lot of us) or just didn’t like me.

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  9. Social media is like a herd of cattle. Everyone follows the one with the cutest slogan. Doesn’t matter about the story, just sound outraged and like a herd everyone stampedes to tell it over and over.
    The picture is nice, all of you were so cute. Sorry you have family conflict this holiday, but as horrible as it sounds to some, I enjoy a quiet small gathering on holidays. When they are kids it’s nice, but once they are gone and it’s just us, it’s time to relax.

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  10. I remember the white dresses … and the chocolate bunnies… and the trouble when dress met chocolate bunny :o) I agree with you for the two sides of every story…and sometimes things aren’t as they look… even in a video…

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