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That is Jake in the header picture medicating himself in a catnip bush. Life has been tough the past month!

It’s been awhile since I posted about the cats. Morgan has been here a month. There was turmoil initially but that has settled down. Even Jake a.k.a. Crankypants is doing better. He no longer hisses and growls. He just ignores her.

Morgan has brought energy to the house. Even the beloved husband can feel it. She has learned how to look cute and get away with stuff. The other cats are also teaching her bad habits like laying on the dining room table. They are hoping the “cuteness factor” will give them all some slack for a few months.

Ha! Not likely!

Morgan keeping an eye on Mollie!

Morgan keeping an eye on Mollie!

Originally, she had her own bedroom and I would keep her there overnight so we all got some sleep. She was happy with that. It was much bigger than her cage at the shelter. Now she does whatever she wants wherever she pleases just like the rest of the inhabitants here except she can’t drive the car.

I still get a little nervous when I can’t find her for the nose count. We always have a formal nose count before I go to bed. That way I am assured no one got locked in the porch or a closet. (Yes, I even check where the beloved husband is.)

She’s grey and blends right into shadows so sometimes it takes a few rounds until I locate her. She will amuse herself by watching me look frantically for her while she just sits on a shelf.

The house looks normal or as normal as a four cat house can look. There are catnip mice here and there, feathers on a string and of course, comfy cat beds everywhere. (So can you explain why they prefer to lie on the hard table?) There is also the occasional barfed hairball. The cats claim it’s from the beloved husband and he claims it’s the cats.

Most people find her adorable which she is. Some don’t want to look because she’s missing an eye. It’s all sewed shut. There isn’t a big gaping hole there. She looks like she’s winking at you.

In her month’s tenure here she has totally debugged the house. Spiders, stinkbugs, ants, it doesn’t matter. She will eat them all. She also eats anything else that isn’t nailed down.

Jake and Mollie on the lounge

Jake and Mollie on the lounge

She has learned where all the prime real estate spots are for sunning and how to position herself under the ceiling fan so she gets full benefits (and no one else gets any).

She has figured out that the softest spot for sleeping is in the middle of the bed with her head on the pillow.

The beloved husband thinks that she hit the jackpot coming to live with us. I think that we hit the lottery to have such a wonderful, socialized cat join us. Jake says the jury is still out.

31 thoughts on “Bringing up Morgan | For Animal Lovers

  1. She’s lovely! One of our cats will sit and watch everyone looking for him and then act all innocent when he’s found. My bipeds aren’t very keen on the cats taking up positions on the stairs, but the cats still do it!


  2. Can’t wait to meet Morgan! Sounds like things are calming down in your household! I know what you mean about eating everything! Brody eats all day!!! Where do they put it all? Oh yea, in the litter box!


  3. Great Blog. I picked up some batteries for that laser thingy. I’ll drop some off when I swing by your house, or you swing by my house. Or … you can go to the Dollar Store in South Mall and buy a strip of 10 AG13’s for 1.47.

    On another note: The big tree in front of the neighbors house just dropped a branch into their (both) front yards. That is a big tree and should come down, now it’s half way there. Dan can bring his saw if he has a hankering. Wonder which neighbor is responsible for removal!

    Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 19:34:09 +0000 To:


  4. That is one very lucky kitty you have there. She’s a cutey.

    [Also, in a weird coincidence, your post with two cats on the stairs just showed up in my reader underneath another post with two cats on the stairs. And both of you bloggers are former HR people. Was there a memo you both got about today’s post?]


  5. Sounds like my house without the beloved husband. And I am now down to 2 cats. Never had 4 but I did have 3. I’d probably have 10 if my friends let me go to the vet by myself. I think you’ve all lucked out.


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