Random 5 for June 17 – Ancestry research, emails, mice, chipmunks, hummingbirds


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Addictions – I haven’t been working on my ancestry project for the last two months. I have already gone back as far as I can on my direct ancestors but there are aunts and uncles and in-laws to research. This … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Instruction tutorial for holiday weekend


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Cats know how to celebrate. They don’t go all crazy with fireworks and such but they kick back. Here are some thoughts direct from their heads. Morgan: Listen up peeps! This is how cats enjoy the weekend. You could learn … Continue reading

Summer procrastination


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End of summer should mean sales, closeouts, parties, garden fresh food, start of school and such. In our house, it means hurry up and get all those things done that you meant to do in June. I don’t procrastinate. I learned … Continue reading