Sassy cats — What the cats do on the porch

First things first. One most be clean.

Than a nap is in order. Who is that person with the black box watching me? Go away!

Sometimes they go directly to a full blown nap!

“We need a bigger chair” said 8 pound Gracie!

All of our residents hope you find some great porch time this weekend!

64 thoughts on “Sassy cats — What the cats do on the porch

  1. We are clean when on the porch and we have been known to do a little napping on cooler days! I look a bit like Gracie after one glass of wine when it is HOT on the porch. You did a wonderful job with the “black box” Kate! Did Gracie go on and ooze right off the chair? Planning on a very nice weekend on the back porch, yes we are. Good porching wishes to the Sassy Cats and the hoomins!

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    • Gracie rarely falls off. She has found the perfect balance point. Today we woke up to 58 degrees. Quite a change as it’s been over 70 and sometimes close to 80 by 7 a.m. Our weather often changes on a dime. We have a function tonight so we won’t enjoy the porch but tomorrow is another day!

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      • I have your location on my WeatherBug favorites. Not that I am stalking you, just your weather. I miss fall AND winter weather more than I can say. We might, and I say might see 58 as a low in January. We won’t sorta cool off until November if we are lucky. We have been talking about a house in Missouri… this was never meant to be permanent.

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        • Our neighbor bought a house in FL. She’s young and retired early (around 55). She will go down mid-September until the November holidays and than again in January, coming back sometime in the spring. She has a “regular” home here but is considering downsizing to a condo-ish place so she doesn’t have much upkeep. If it were not for 4 cats (seriously who would rent to me with 4 cats!) I may consider a month or two in FL in the worst part of the winter. There is no perfect place. At least not that I can afford.

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  2. Graciel and Tim, of similar size, seem to have similar regard for their environment. Bijou at 12+ lbs never hangs off any surface. What is going on? Why don’t they curl when they reach an edge. I’ve seen Tim fall off because he refuses to acknowledge the limits of his space.

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  3. I’ve always wished i could fall asleep as easily as my cats…..they lie down and within 60 seconds are having blissful SLEEP. No tossing, turning, fluffing up pillows, pulling up covers – they just SLEEP. Anyway, these are adorable photos – here’s to lots of naps in this cooler weather we have (for a day or two anyway).

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)

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    • Anywhere, anytime, any position! My cats sleep through the heat waves. They stay in the a/c until late afternoon when the fans are swirling and the weather calms down before they go out to the porch.


    • So true but not allowed in this house. It’s first come first serve. When Hazel was alive, she and Morgan would stretch across the love-seat on the porch. No one could sit there. Without Hazel, Morgan doesn’t do that anymore.

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