Sassy cats — Instruction tutorial for holiday weekend

Cats know how to celebrate. They don’t go all crazy with fireworks and such but they kick back. Here are some thoughts direct from their heads.

Morgan: Listen up peeps! This is how cats enjoy the weekend. You could learn a thing or two.Morgan: Now stretch and giggle like a feather is tickling your belly. (Or perhaps you could give me a nice rub there….just sayin’).Morgan: Now don’t you feel better? (I’d feel better with some scritches.)

Then again Hazel celebrates in a different way.Hazel: Go away paparazzi! You are bothering me. You don’t have treats do you?

Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend no matter what you do. Maybe enjoy some catnip too!


37 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Instruction tutorial for holiday weekend

    • The all seem to like to air out the belly. Our screened porch floor is tile and is always cool no matter how hot it is. Many times they will lie there for a while, then go on a cushion. When that gets hot, they’ll cool off on the floor again.

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