A short round of short thoughts

My blue water lily

Did you ever notice that when a person says “not to be judgmental,” it is followed by a judgmental statement? I’m not sure if the phrase is a warning for the listener or a pre-apology in a non-committal sort of way.

There are some things about my computer that are superfast. Autocorrect is one of them. It corrects before I am done typing the word and the finished word looks nothing like the word in my head. What’s that all about?

There is good news and bad news about vanity plates. (For those unfamiliar, it’s a special made license plate for a car where you pick your own word or sequence of letters.) I go to Starbucks every morning for my coffee. I see the same people there. I usually use the drive-through. I get to look at license plates or car stickers on the cars in front. This past week “SEASIDE” cut me off. I had the right of way so it was no accident. I’ve seen her before. She’s a semi-regular, blonde, 30-something. However she is as a person, my memory is that she’s  rude. The take-away is if you advertise who you are, you should obey laws or you will be forever labeled by a single action.

That’s it for today! Do you have a short thought to add?


60 thoughts on “A short round of short thoughts

    • I never thought of it as a restraint for a knee-jerk reaction. If I had a plate it would probably have something cat on it. My fear is that I would come out of the grocery store and someone would have put a box of kittens next to my car door.


  1. My short thought would be to remind the person behind me at the stop light today that when you are making a left hand turn and crossing the lane of the opposing traffic at a single stop light that the person coming straight through has the right-of-way. Laying on the horn will not encourage me to clear a path by running down the old woman in the Toyota as she comes through the light. I didn’t see his license plate of the car behind me, but I’m pretty sure it read I-M-IDIOT.

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  2. Usually the one I hear is, “You don’t want to be racist, BUT…” inevitably followed by how embarrassing African tribal dances are or how awful it is the President of South Africa has multiple wives. Where I have to counter that some Scottish and Irish dancing undoubtedly looks pretty bizarre to Africans and “Did you know there are still some large, polygamous, inbred pockets of Mormons in Utah?”

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  3. Auto-correct is a problem, I think. I always threaten to turn it off, and probably should. Especially on my phone…I’ve sent a few “doozies” out without proofreading. And I agree with you about the vanity plates. The only problem is that I think for too many being rude is no longer an embarrassment. It’s high art!

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  4. Auto correct is a pet peeve of mine because my iPad is never thinking what I am. I keep it turned off on as many programs as I can but I don’t mind spell check as much. Seaside doesn’t deserve such a nice, peaceful name. 🙂

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  5. Nice post, Kate. Sometimes vanity plates are quite a distraction as I try to figure out what the heck they mean. I have to be careful with my computer and auto correct since I have a lot of short cuts I put in to make my work transcription go faster. Happy Thursday!

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  6. For weeks, on my early morning commute I was tailgated and passed by a particular car with vanity plates. I won’t mention the plate, but it fit the driver’s attitude to a tee. She’s an erratic driver and very obnoxious. We meet on the same stretch of road and she always passes me. One morning, I caught up with her at a light and followed her straight into our parking deck. Yep…she’s a fellow coworker.

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  7. I enjoyed your short thoughts… I have been sitting here staring at the screen trying to think of a short thought to add. I know I usually have a lot to say here but drawing a blank this morning. Don’t even get me started on vanity plates… 😀 Right up there with people that text on the phone while I am sitting right there with them.

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  8. I love the preamble “To be quite honest….” because everything that follows is highly suspect. I love “If you want my personal opinion….” because they sure as hell cannot offer somebody else’s personal opinion!
    Computers? Yes… they are way to fast for their own good. Not only do they make huge and frequent spelling mistakes, but then (as you note), the auto-correct program kicks in and takes those misspelled words to a whole new level making complete nonsense of my text.
    Vanity plates? Really? It is a shame that the individual who feels they need to identify at a personal level with their vehicle, or worse that they want the outside world to know who they are when they are driving around…. didn’t consider the cost of vanity plates vs the cost of a few meals at a local shelter (human or animal!).

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