Random 5 for July 2 – Time, signs of summer, weirdos, animal shelters, Canada

Found on Reddit, no credit noted

Good grief it’s July! – I remember last year July flew by in a blur. This year I am working to live “in the moment.” I love summer and it always seems like the shortest season, especially July.

Fresh local corn! – Finally, we got the first this week. The beloved husband was over the moon. Corn is his main vegetable. It’s in his top 5 favorite foods (does beer count?). It was as wonderful as we hoped. Going to the farm stand was nostalgic too. My tomatoes are large and prolific but not green. Soon. I have visions of tomato juice running down my arms as I eat a tomato sammich.

Calling all bloggers – Lately I’ve been getting some strange comments on my blog. It’s someone new (Gravatar is a photo of a young handsome man but I wonder what they really look like) interested in getting to know me. Personally. They want me to email them and see where this goes. (Probably with my bank account numbers) Somehow getting hit on at this age riles up all sorts of bad consequences. Ain’t going nowhere!

Photo courtesy of Debra Farrington who helps run a TNR (Trap, neuter, return) organization in Hershey, PA. These are kittens who were rescued through her organization.

Urgent need – I’m not good at begging for money but I’ve received several pleas from my local animal shelters seeking funds. This is a very busy time especially for no-kill shelters. It’s kitten season for one. Most shelters put kittens down. They are very labor intensive and expensive to rescue. Imagine a little one that needs to be hand fed every few hours. Not many are willing to make that commitment. If you can, please donate to your local shelter. They seriously need the funds and most of them are staffed by (exhausted) volunteers. Even a little amount helps.

To the Canadian readers – Happy 150th anniversary! Awesome!

So how was your week?

51 thoughts on “Random 5 for July 2 – Time, signs of summer, weirdos, animal shelters, Canada

  1. I was reminded that I retired at the end of July last year, and I absolutely cannot imagine that it has been a year! July again, indeed! I’m laughing at your admirer! I had one on my Facebook for awhile and I was so unsure of how to shut that down! LOL! Very good reminder about shelter needs. Thank you.

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    • My goal was to have one ripe for the 4th of July. (I actually have a variety called 4th of July but it’s more of a 14th of July around here.) I had one on the cusp of ripening but I didn’t check yet. For the first few I have to battle birds and chipmunks for them. Then there are so many we are all happy.


  2. We have too many kittens at the shelter, and we can’t take any more kittens or cats right now. The kittens are not being adopted fast enough, probably because people found them earlier this spring for free. It’s so distressing. We need to find more people who want to foster kittens, even the bottle-fed ones.
    The corn looks delicious. Nothing says summer like sweet corn. And fried zucchini. OK, that happens to be my personal favorite, but it goes wonderfully with corn on the cob.

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    • It’s so sad. My niece had a mother cat nest under her deck and deliver 2 kittens. The kittens look around 6 weeks or so. My niece is feeding the whole family and I’m hopeful she’ll take them in. They are still a little skittish and don’t let her too near but getting better every day. They are adorable. One is an orange one and the other all black. That mom is a beautiful long-haired gray tiger.

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  3. In our area it is actually illegal for the shelter to keep puppies or kittens that are under 8 weeks of age. If they get them they try to get them to a rescue, if not, they have to put them down. I hear stories of people bringing tiny kittens to them. What do people think is going to happen? Kind county employees are going to hand feed those babies around the clock while tax payers pay them overtime to do so? Makes my blood boil!

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    • Our shelters locally get no government funds at all. One shelter will get the contract to take dogs picked up by the animal control (done annually by bid) but it’s a per dog fee. Most times it’s a lost dog retrieved by the owner so the municipalities keep a dog pen holding area to keep the cost down. It’s all volunteers and donations. Many times people find kittens when the mama cat is out getting food and it’s best to just let them be for a while. People have fantasies when it comes to what they think happens in shelters.

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  4. Intrigued by the guy hitting on you! That beautiful corn up there is what we call peaches and cream corn and now I am thinking we will have to pick up some corn when we pick up some things we need today in the kinda big city. Our teeny tomatoes are still doing well. I am usually whining for fall by now but it has been a nice summer so I will keep enjoying it. We do donate to our local shelter in various ways and I also support TinyKittens with a monthly donation. I may start sending something to Kitten Lady… I love what she does for kitten rescue.

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  5. Funny you should mention corn. Whole Foods has a holiday special…10 ears for a buck. I mean, what’s the deal here? You can’t get a decent donut for a dollar. Go figure.

    Yeah, fasten your seat belts because time is flying by. It was just Memorial Day if I remember. My whites only worn afterwards still have their creases from the cleaner’s bag. And that photo…

    Kittens. That picture tugged at my heart strings.

    Happy 4th Kate

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  6. Good looking corn there! Of course you would get hit on! I just get people who want to sell me “cheap insurncne” or coins, over and over and over again! Thank goodness for the spam catcher. I am trying to make it a more mindful year by taking my 365 pictures but even then, sometimes the days shoot by and I haven’t had a chance to capture a picture. Good thing I sometimes also take two or three in one day! Happy 4th to you.

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    • Thanks. I couldn’t even commit to taking a photo every day. With cats is a little different. When I take pictures, I take 20 or so. Almost all of them are blurred or tails. Maybe an ear or a nose. If I’m lucky, I’ll get one good one. The only exception is when they are sleeping. That’s why I post so many sleeping cat pictures.

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  7. All I get are emails from people with fancy titles who all seem to live in Nigeria, and who want to give me money. Of course there are always the Blog Commenters who, in destroyed English (must worse than broken English), try and tell me how they absolutely love my site and want to help me market it. Well I think that is what they are saying… could be they just want a date, or perhaps they have a porn site, or are they selling aging prevention creams? Who knows! 🙂

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  8. I so envy your roadside stands. We don’t have them around here (farmers markets don’t count). There is nothing better than fresh corn and (maybe even better) fresh tomatoes… unfortunately ours are mostly from the grocery store. Hopefully next year we will stay home during the prime growing season and I can have a vegetable garden again. Happy 4th!

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  9. Thanks for the shout out to Canada. Yesterday’s celebrations for Canada’s 150th anniversary were fantastic. They were even made more fun living in a small town — so much to do — and everyone that you know is there! Wishing you a great 4th of July!

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  10. I’m always shocked when someone hits on me. And slow to notice, too, but this June it happened all the time and I was beginning to wonder if I was putting out pheromones or something.

    Then I realized the truth — my left finger is currently broken and splinted. There’s no wedding ring on it.

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  11. June flew by in a F~L~A~S~H . . . leaving only a great W~H~O~O~S~H~I~N~G sound in its wake. Hope July will saunter by for you, Kate.

    Enjoy the corn & tomatoes ~> summer tastes are the best!

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      • The tomatoes we get most of the year are MEH . . . except when we go to Hunsader Farms to pick them ourselves. Next year, I may plan several trips out there for glorious tomatoes.

        The BEST corn is Jersey Corn from a farmstead ~> here, the corn is hit or miss. But we do get delicious green beans, melons, etc. year round here.


        • Our corn has been good (just started being available from local fields this week). Tomatoes, sigh, too many places refrigerate them. Mine are the best but they often don’t make it to the house.


  12. I love the summer too and agree with you about how it flies by every year! Don’t say how short July is though, for I thought June went fast enough!
    Love the picture of the basket of kittens! A good reminder to help our local shelters out!!
    I don’t know if its the same man, but I had a male blogger do the same in asking for my email, saying he wanted to get to know me. I ignored him and didn’t receive any other comments. Perhaps he left my site and went to yours! Sorry! 🙂

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