Sassy cats — Chilling out

Not much going on here this week but we have a few new pictures.

Sasha is enjoying the screened porch.

Mollie preferred to nap in the cat bed in a bedroom. Yes, that’s catnip in front. To ward off the evil spirits (or pesky cats).

That’s his Kindle and glasses on the table. Almost looks like a coffin pose!

Dan joined them taking up the whole sofa in the screened porch.

Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend!

45 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Chilling out

    • There is more around the house. I have a ginormous bush outside. So far the only one totally mangled is the stuff out on the porch (where there are more cats). We don’t call them ambushes here. We call them loved encounters. Fortunately no one is rough and no one gets hurt.

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    • He is on blood thinners so he bruises easily. I doubt it was a cat. He probably walked into the corner of some furniture. There is no better place for an afternoon nap than the sofa in the porch. Pond sounds with a waterfall and birds chirping. Peace.


    • She is working on making friends with Mollie. Mollie will womp her on the head if she gets too close. She creeps very slowly and takes the non-dominant position to try to endear Mollie. Mixed results but sometimes Mollie doesn’t womp her. Sasha is truly sweet and likes everyone.


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