Random 5 for November 10 – Winter, weirdness, pumpkins, nature, holidays


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It’s here – We had our first killing frost this week. My hoodie wasn’t warm enough for a quick errand. My fall jackets weren’t either. *bangs head on table* Time to bring out the warm stuff. Before you know it, … Continue reading

Morgan, spider killer and designer extraordinaire!


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Everyone has a that one skill. (Yes, even you!) Those that you think aren’t good at anything can create chaos effectively and with little effort. (Trust me on that one!) Pets are the same way. Each one has different quirks. … Continue reading

Random Five for September 7


Happy birthday Mom (and Anita too) – This week is my Mom’s birthday. She’s been gone since 1986 but I always remember her on her special day. My niece also has a birthday this week. In our family we celebrate … Continue reading

Surviving the invasion


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The granddaughters have left the building. Peace and quiet reigns. There is a price to pay for that though. They took a slice of joy with them as they continue on their journey. As I have said in a previous … Continue reading